The story of how Joe Budden hooked up with Esther Baxter?

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The story of how Joe Budden hooked up with Esther Baxter?

Saw this over at JoeBuddenTV :
 The Official Somaya Reece Vs. Esther Baxter - Page 3 - Joe Budden Forums

Picture this if you will...

Esther is at a party in Philly. Joey goes to the party. Joey is with 2 friends (one female and one male). Esther is feeling Joey's friend, but if still married to the Marine who lives in FL. After the party, Esther, Joey, and the 2 others go to a hotel room. The female friend is in one bed and her and Joey are cracking jokes while Esther and Joey's male friend are in the other bed.

with me so far?

The female friend falls asleep. She awakes to Joey AND his male friend in the bed with Esther. They are playing with her t*ts, squeezing her a*s, rubbing on her pus*y through her clothes, and shes allowing this to happen. At one point the guys hands actually touch each others on accident. Gross.

They did not have s*x with her. The next day, Joey calls the female friend and ask for Esther's number for the male friend. His female friend obliges and gives it to Joey. Joey c*ck blocks and keeps the number for himself.

Fast forward 2 days...

A group of his friends go over Joey's house and see Esther walking around in his boxers....huh?! Ok, she hasn't gone home yet, she's crashing at Joey's house. Ok, cool.

Fast forward 2 weeks...

She is still over his house. Cooking, cleaning, f**king, sucking. All while married and having a son at home with her husband.

The questions of the millenium are....

Why would he wife a b**ch that let him AND his friend fondle, and she wasn't even feeling you?

Why is Joe Budden now taking care of her son (he's living with them), taking pictures with him, taking him to get his haircut etc., and Joey's own BIOLOGICAL son is NOWHERE to be found. No pics, no nada.

If you think this is bulls**t, ask either one of them on twitter. Watch how fast you get ignored OR blocked.

So you can see why I choose Somaya over Esther. Crazy or not, at least Somaya hasn't f**ked more rappers Superhead.

good day

^^^ believe it?


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