More Info About Stack Bundles' Death

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More Info About Stack Bundles' death

Stack Bundles was k*lled outside of his home in Far Rockaway….not sure if he got into beef earlier last night while he was partying at Stereo, but his crew, and their capo Jim Jones are besides themselves.

rest in peace.


Ok, according to official sources….Stack Bundles, 24 years old, born Rayquon Elliot (I’ve also seen it spelled Requan Elliot), was shot and k*lled around 5am in the lobby of his building at the Redfern Houses, 14-60 Beach Channel Drive, Far Rockaway, Queens. He was shot once in the left eye and once in the front of the thigh by an attacker or attackers who used a 45-caliber gun. He was taken to Jamaica Hospital and pronounced dead 20 minutes later. Allegedly Bundles was not robbed, his wallet was intact, however some rumors say that his chain was missing.

Now street sources claim that Bundles was a victim of a street beef, not a rap beef, with local rivals. Allegedly his Porsche convertible was vandalized twice in recent weeks and that an aunt had urged him to move out of Redfern for his own safety. Allegedly, someone tipped rivals that Bundles was leaving club Stereo and that he was not with a large crew, so they were waiting to ambush him when he got home.

Friends say Bundles was very well liked and that he took care of two younger sisters. He was not married and did not have children. Fan have already built a huge memorial in front of his building in Far Rock….Condolences go out to his whole family. No funeral details are set but I’ll post them as soon as I hear….


So apparently, sources at Stereo tell me that Stack was partying with Freaky Zeke and other friends up until around 4am. They did not have any beef at the club and left in good spirits. Stack then went home to Far Rockaway’s RedFern Projects and was ambushed outside his building. No idea yet why someone would target him….was it neighborhood tension or hip hop tension?

Only 24 w/ so much potential.....

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