May 12 - [NEW] XboX 360 Pics Of The System AnD GameS[NEW]

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May 12 - [NEW] XboX 360 Pics Of The System AnD GameS[NEW]

A bit more informations translated by my friend manager :
*It will be released in europe 7 days after USA
*December release in Japan
*Its released in less than six months
*Release games: Perfect Dark Zero, PGR3 and Kameo
*10-16 game titles at the release. 40 games after half a year.
*The Xbox Silver thingy is correct, it will be there, and free.
*You will be able to transfer stuff from an ipod.
*You will see TV thru your Xbox.
*It can stand up and lie down.
*When you watch DVD, some stuff in the console will automaticly shut down - so its more quiet.
*You load the batteries on the controllers up via USB-cable on Xbox. You can also use simple batteries.
*The round thingy on the controller = "The ring of light". Its actually a screen, which says if there are any updates on Xbox Live. Downl. content and such. It also says which controllers there are in your hands, which number.
*Rallisport Challenge 3 will be on Xbox 360.
*The Darkness from swedish Starbreeze (Ridd*ck).
*Peter Moore confirms Halo 3.

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