Jadakiss - Animal (50 Diss)

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What do you think of that Jadakiss 50 Diss Track?
Jadakiss will help him and Styles sell more records 107 6.08%
Jadakiss destroyed 50 1,182 67.12%
It was ok, I hope the next diss song will be better 287 16.30%
50's Piggy Bank is better 185 10.51%
Voters: 1761.   (BX member poll)

 16 years ago '04        #1
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Jadakiss - Animal (50 Diss)

The Score

Jadakiss = 1 2Quarters = -1


 7 months ago '20        #2
Blood Money  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x86
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Damn n*ggas been hating 50

 7 months ago '04        #3
Props total: 10561 10 K  Slaps total: 2530 2 K
I can play this joint and Big Noyd - Air it out back to back and still gonna wish the track was longer

ALC laced noyd and kiss just glided on the beat and turned it into a full song thats enjoyable on its own, whether whos dissing who

That i didnt have to get shot nine times to get rich pretty much let every listener know what time it was tho. But its a cherry ton top and like i said, the track itself is a wholesome track that can stand on its own

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