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 4 days ago '16        #201
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 rapper4 said
dude i am retarded but it's 2021. and you cannot be this ignorant


make up

air brush.

and photo shop.

plus surgery.

yaw going get a rude awakening once you see how females look not on instagram and without make up.

we don't know that for sure.

iamge what lil kim looks without make up.
My bad...........THE PICTURE is an upgrade...there you happy?!

 4 days ago '16        #202
aquisite04  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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Great work but self hate is real. Still have an stank attitude and an ugly pu**y...dress a pig in gold & its still a pig

 4 days ago '10        #203
Solid2 snake 
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her surgeon deserves an award

 4 days ago '16        #204
aquisite04  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x5
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 rapper4 said
thank you. the girl from church who had a crush since 2004. she still single. makes me wonder if it's because her attuide. and alot of her friends are still single too.

and they abotu 34 and 36.




7. YOU WOULD NEVER IMAGE they would be doing sh*t like this.

9.like omg! she was not even ugly either before the butt and sugery.

11. you really have to have low esteem and hate yourself.

12. i got a big head, but still cut my hair. even tho my own father said you need to get some hair and people would not make fun of you.

13.said fu*k them. i love been bald.

i stutter.

i am slow or retarded

!4. i got stanky breathe sometimes. don't give a fu*k.

and look spiecal education. but i don't go aroudn hiding my fa

i got big lips.

i got a big n*gga nose.

i was super light skin back in the dayts. now i am light brown and dark brown in teh speical regions.

and i look like a crackhead because i have a eating disorder.

but i still love myself and would not go so far as to change me.

Much respect to u for owning ya flaws and having dominion over them brother. Id rather be not as appealing visually but a good hearted good spirited person with a great personality. Yea itll be some lonely times but thats fine...people are superficial anyway. Keep ya chin up bruh

 3 days ago '20        #205
rapper4  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x18
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 billybatts said
Nuttiest sh*t is the man has a twin brother who did the same exact sh*t to his face too

its crazy because for a race of people who supposely suppose to be better than us negro. and we are not the standard of beatufy for like 400 years.

they sure are the most ones who getting sugery and changing there features adn getting black features.

i regret every single day that when i was brainwashed by my stepdad to be a uncle tom. and brainwash me into fox news bullsh*t.

and wanted to be white.

honestly even tho i am retarded. i look like better than half of the celebriteis with make up on.

i use to be tease for looking like a girl.

now dudes have filters and trying make up and looking pretty on soical media.

 3 days ago '08        #206
MotorBoat Jones 
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Nice job... now she needs some surgery on her personality.

 3 days ago '15        #207
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 cal classick said
She wasn't bad looking by any means prior to her surgery. Not gone lie the new her a baddie (face wise) but damn she look like a whole different woman. There's no traces of her old self in her face. sh*t kind of sad when you really think about it.
When she first really popped on the scene, she was damn near perfect I thought, then she went on Love and Hip Hop, got a*s shots face work and so forth, she rolling in the deep now word to Adele

 3 days ago '21        #208
nodayzoffatl  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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 The Originator said
That’s crazy. She never recovered from when someone (was it Maino) said she got a fish box.
she look like she got fjsh guts too

 3 days ago '17        #209
Pretty Tone 
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It's crazy how much these hoes hate themselves on the other hand the results puts in perspective on why so many of them risk it and end up with the tiny and lil Kim treatment. She's in the 1% of hoes that got surgery and it actually worked

 3 days ago '20        #210
Likeaboss38732  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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These chicks don’t even love themselves, it’ll be ridiculous to expect them to have any genuine sincere love for you.. y’all better dodge them chicks that don’t like who they naturally are!

 3 days ago '12        #211
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Would've fu*ked then and def would fu*k now!!

 3 days ago '13        #212
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 Marrero said
Who this n*gga is looking like AC from the California Raisins?

I'm done

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