Mar 8 - Ex wife of $273 million lottery winner salty as hell. Get Divorced Brehetts

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 RIPrjacks23 said
I didn't see any salt, yall really do hate women...this dude is a certified loser and yall singing his praises, this guy is probably yall. 15 years and you didn't work, your wife supported you and in the divorce your weak a*s got spousal support?! This ain't no man, he's a boy, I don't give a damn why it ended (probably had much to do with him being a non working looser) he owes her at least One Million Dollars. He didn't work for 15 years to support his wife chances are he will be one of the broke after winning the lottery stories...
Yea this a bum a*s n*gga

He rich tho but he a bum a*s n*gga for that sh*t

He owe her M’s. Chances are he never woulda been alive without the help of her to even receive this sh*t..

Fool lucked up in the ticket

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She's built for S*x...Its all she has to offer
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