Jul 21 - 50 Cent Disses Chamillionaire and Ghostface

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Jul 21 - 50 Cent Disses Chamillionaire and Ghostface

Spin magazine has released a recent interview they conducted with 50 Cent and Tony Yayo in its entirety via their website. The uncut interview features the G-Unit rapper delivering some pretty unexpected disses to rival rappers.

50 Cent has never ...

"Guys like Ghostface don't matter. They don't. They had a run, but it's over"

been one to shy away from beef, but few would have expected him to go after Chamillionaire, Ghostface and Master P.

"None of those people sell records," 50 Cent said in the interview.

After being corrected by the interviewer about how well Chamillionaire's debut "The Sound of Revenge" album sold he added, "Let him go sell gospel records, if he's so fu*kin' righteous. I can write around the curses if I want to, but you can't tell me to write around the curses. First of all, there's a clean version of the record available, anyway, if people don't want to hear that content."

Yayo then brought up Ghostface k*llah: "The streets are different now," Yayo said. "Guys like Ghostface don't matter. They don't. They had a run, but it's over."

Yayo also made the claim that Ghostface didn't write his "Supreme Clientele" album. While 50 couldn't comment on that, he did criticize Ghostface for the sales of his last album.

"In my camp, a couple hundred thousand records is a failure. From my perspective, if I sell 200,000 copies, after selling 12 million records, it's considered terrible...But if you're on a major record label, and he [Ghostface] is, and you sell a couple hundred thousand records, that was a failure. Your fu*kin' photos and videos aren't recouped with 200,000 copies sold."

50 wasn't only focusing on rappers, he also had a few words for Oprah...

 http://www.jumpoff.tv/new .. ory.php?id=556


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