Jun 27 - OFFICIAL: The Game Is No Longer In G-Unit

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How Do Yall Feel About the "Conditions" for Game's Rights to The Documentary?

 06-27-2005, 02:55 AM         #1
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Jun 27 - OFFICIAL: The Game Is No Longer In G-Unit

Lawyers have finished the documents and the finishing touches of The Game has nothing to do with G-Unit Records at all. The Game has no rights to release any songs from the album without the permission of G-Unit Records. This also means, The Game will not have another video after "Dreams" from his debut album "The Documentary" unless permission is granted by the G-Unit label. Aftermath and Interscope may wish to buy the remaining copyrights of the album from G-Unit Records but from the looks of it, 50 Cent will likely not wish to sell this portion of copyright. "The Documentary" will still be for sale in stores but there will not be anymore advertisement for this product. It is estimated G-Unit Records have grossed over 15 million dollars since the release of "The Documentary".

 http://gunitworld.com/for .. owtopic=127621

Link may not work if you are not registered to the forums, but you can go to
 www.gunitworld.com and right there on the front page they have the latest news, just click on this story and it will take you to a page where u can read it.

Well, Its Official (Business-Official, That is...It was Street-Official awhile ago, when Game and G-Unit (mainly 50 Cent) had that altercation infront of the radio station. How do yall feel about the conditions, though? I mean, no more adverising, no more singles off of that record......

Well, I just wanna see how the rest of you feel about this........


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