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 3 months ago '17        #76
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yo tell me why i KNEW rachel was a white girl or a sadiddy a*s light skin girl with money...

and WHY tf does the girl named Tatiana ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS have a big a*s booty and be dark skinned!!? that sh*t is trippy...

sometimes i think god be sittin in heaven with a 40 of heineken an a backwoods just laughin' at yall n*ggaz

 2 months ago '13        #77
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 PaperBoy said
Im making this thread because Im pretty sure majority of us on this forum been there and have witnessed similar situations in the past..

This is a thread about that day and time you've coulda smashed but, it just so happened everything didnt go according to plan..and you went on home without getting any

fellas dont lie on your d*ck, that sh*t lame. tell the truth bruh..

Anyways lemme tell ONE of my stories.. (hilarious)

It was 9th grade 2009.. I was the starting wide-receiver on my JV football team.
this was the same time Myspace was near it's postprime era, my sh*t had like 1000+ friends yet majority of them was females.

Around the time I was good friends with one of my homies who just so happen to be the starting quaterback on the Varsity sqaud. At the time, him and his girlfriend (Rachel) was going through problems..I guess they both wasn't feeling eachother anymore, relationship got old or w/e (You know..High School drama) and eventually the two broke up

So now weeks past by and Im sitting in the lunch room one day hours before a game (gameday) and I was just chilling at the table with the team i didnt eat cause the coaches told us not to eat anything hours before a game just drink plenty of water. But, as Im sitting at the lunch table in the school cafeteria with the team, one of the cheerleaders walks to the table and calls me out by my name.. "Jacob" (The whole half of the table drew to complete silence)

Im like.."yea wassuah?"

she's like.. "Rachel wants you"

Im like.. "Why?"

she's like.. "n*gga I dont know, go find out!"

lol, so I slide to the other part of the cafeteria just to see whatsgood. Mind you, I only knew Rachel through my homeboy, she was a "mutual a*sociate".

So I greet Rachel with a kiss to the cheek has she's sitting with the other cheerleaders.
And they start playing with me like "jacob is so cute" "OMG your eyes are pretty"

so in a jokingly manner Im like "what the fu*k yall want?" the majority of the girls chuckling and giggling. Shortly after the laughter, Rachel started telling me about how her ex changed on her and how he cursed at her, blah blah blah.. like Im fu*king doctor phil or some sh*t..
the bell rings and its time for us to head to our last period.

the day goes on and I happened to have a solid a*s game that night, we played Flanagan Falcons and I will never forget I had 4 receptions 1 TD and a clean a*s block off special teamsI was ballin' that night.

After the game all the students and parents usually wait outside the lockeroom to congratulate the team, so throughout all the students I see RACHEL!.. she waves at me and begins to approach me teling me how I rocked that night..shortly after flirting with me she dipped..

later that night Im home feeling sore af, and I check my myspace page and I see like 8 unread msgs*/ Rachel wrote on your wall*/ 5 new friend requests* (all types of notifications)

so I check them all and majority of it is rachel, it was sh*t like "good game jacob!.." "yoooo gud sh*t tonight!" blah blah blah..

So I check my msg, and she asked for my number.. so im estatic af! cause rachel was bad af for a white girl..

The following day, Im walking home after school and I caught up with big booty tatiana from my second period class. I was asking her where she was headed and i remember her telling me how she was headed to her friends house, I remember I wanted to fu*k her so bad so my plan was to copy the homework from second period so I asked if I can come too? she said "yea, if my friend is home you can come in.. it'll be just the three of us" then she gave me a wink! lol (lol my d*ck got so hard brah i promise)

so has were walking through the school parking lot heading towards the main road.. rachel comes cruising on the side of us outta nowhere and she says "HEY JACOB..DO YOU NEED A RIDE?"
Me being excited I was like.."YEA.."

I just remember thinking for that split second (today could be my lucky day!)

next thing you know tatiana goes and shouts, NO THANK YOU HE'S COMING WITH ME..HE DONT NEED NO RIDE FROM YOU!"

so now Im confused like..n*gga wtf?

then tatiana whispered "I thought you were coming with me?" so I looked back at Rachel and said.. "nah im good, thank you tho" as soon as I said that Rachel was like "ok.. can't say I didnt try.." yo she drove off with the quickness, rolled up her window and never looked back..

sh*t had me like

so I look back at tatiana and was thinking to myself like"why in the fu*k did I listen to you.."

that day I ended up not getting any from tatiana cause her friend wasnt home and I missed out on a possibility of getting a "ride" from Rachel

I still have a pretty good memory and till this day I still truly believe Rachel was gonna let me smash

fellas feel free to share your personal stories..
Rachel wanted to smash fasho. Good u didnt tho. You were cool with her ex. She wanted to smash to make him jealous. She just got drove when you picked Tatiana over her. That's why she let u know she tried (choosing). I woulda went for that 3some with big booty Tatiana and her friend evertime. The thing with chicks u see everyday work/school/apartments, it's best to stay away from them. This is common when u live in small towns or have small social circle. Quick story... When I was in high school girls would flake on the weekend, so it was crucial that you holler at something that's going to come thru and not bs, one weekend I called myself being smart so I setup a session with two chicks on the same night. It started as a backup plan thinking I may have to flake on one. then as the night progressed it eventually turned into what I thought was going to be a back to back how both were talking freaky and sh*t. How about when I get to the first girl house both of them chicks come out the same fuking house. I knew the knew each other but damn. Man if you could see my face. They just gave me a disappointed look and went back in house. still til this day they haven't said a word to me. That experience kinda kept me away from doing the sneaky sh*t like I use to.

 2 months ago '13        #78
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 RaIVIpAG3x said
I got a quick story that just happened recently actually.

So about two weeks ago, I'm at my brothers crib because it was both our days off (Wednesday). We hung out oretty much all day, blessed him with two dimes i had left over from the other night. So we're basically playing destiny, smoking, bumping music..etc you know regular brother sh*t. Around 12 he gives me the hint that he wants to have some time with his wife.. So i dip. I had a small j left because we had already smoke like 3 of them at that point.

So I'm walking to the train.. But i stop and think to myself "sh*t.. I might as well try to light this with someone fu*k it". I work at Levis .. So y'all already know how the retail sh*t goes.. And if you don't just know that it's easy to fu*k co workers

But my main thing, well i cut her off the night before at work.. I hit her up anyways because she lives like a 5 minute walk away from my brother and sh*t.. She declines because she still feels some type of way about the fact i dubbed her. So i decide to just get on the train and get home.

I get off the train.. And decide to try my luck again. I hit up the new girl at my job who's only been there like 3 weeks now or maybe a month. So anyways i send her a dm on ig with a simple question "you tryna smoke" she replies in seconds with "yasss"

so fu*k it .. I take a cab to her place.. Which is crazy that she's my coworker and she literally lives 3 blocks and an avenue away.. 5 minute walk.. Now before i rush to the ending.. She's 18.. I'm 20.. So I'm already hesitant about it. I mean she's like 5'1 100lbs max but she has a nice round a*s for a short skinny girl.. And she's actually pretty attractive.. Anyways we smoke the j at a park and basically tell each other our life stories since this was the first time we interact outside of work.. Blah blah.. I take her to my thinking spot for a few by the water.. And she says she doesn't want to go home.. So I'm like just because of the fact i would have to clean my room quickly and have her wait in the lobby.. Girls get annoyed quick and sh*t

Anyways that's exactly what happened.. She didn't seem annoyed that she had to wait tho..

Oh! She came out her building with her college sweater and booty short/panties.. So i put on some music on my laptop and she's already knocking out.. Laying on my chest cuddling type sh*t.. I put my laptop away and tell her to go to sleep if she wants.

She lays with her a*s out to me in these booty shorts and the whole time I'm thinking like

Long story short.. I didn't even put my d*ck on her a*s.. We cuddled.. She woke up and i walked her home in the morning.

i would break her in half man
U did real good just going with the flow until she got to your house. If you want to close more you have to have the... any girl that steps in my bedroom wants to fu*k mentality, because most of them do want to fu*k if they end up in your bed. If they say no slow down. It might mean right now. Light another Jay to pass time Find way to kiss on shoulders, next. Rub on her. U said she layed on your chest. Thats the perfect time for a forehead kiss. She looks up at you she wants a kiss on the lips You'll get the rest with experience. It will keep u from having to wife every girl and breakup with her. That's a waste of time for u both and unfair to you both. Now with that being said, I have learned that it's best to stay away from coworkers in corporate environments. Never put anybody between u and the money. What happens when u stop fu*king with her like u did last girl. She gone tell people at wrk some sh*t that may eventually get you let go. Just not worth it IMO.

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