Who Honestly Thinks That The Game Didn't Have Any Singles On The Documentary w/o 50

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 09-18-2005, 02:25 PM         #1
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Who Honestly Thinks That The Game Didn't Have Any Singles On The Documentary w/o 50

aight lemme break it down for you, n*ggas be sayin game didn't have any singles without 50 and that is just ridiculous... straight up peep this

Dreams - great song/beat - deep song great signle
Higher - crazy club song, great single
Don't Need Your Love - (with Faith Evans) - great song/deep sh*t great signle
Church For Thugs - nice beat, dope song, good single
Put You On The Game - crazy beat, crazy song, crazy single
Start From Scratch - (with Marsha) - really deep song, great song, good single
Documentary, The - this song is crack, great single, great beat
No More Fun And Games - dope beat, dope song, great single
We Ain't - (with Eminem) - eminem nuff said, great single, crazy song
Where I'm From - (with Nate Dogg) - nate dogg nuff said, great song/single
Special - (with Nate Dogg) song 4 the bi*ches wit nate dogg nuff said, great single
Don't Worry - (with Mary J. Blige) mary J nuff said, great single, great song
Like Father, Like Son - (with Busta Rhymes) busta k*lls the hook, crazy song deep song would have been amazin video

seriously, any of those could have been singles, every song is crack and would have gotten tons of radio play... honestly this cd i can play from start to finish without skippin one song, so in my opinion it has a great possibility of bein a classic but only time will tell that

also 50 bit game's lyrics on a part of how we do

game wrote that sh*t "dre found me in the slum"

and then 50 bit that sh*t sayin "em found me in the slum uh" lol @ 50

like i said i can play the documnetary from the first song all the way through the whole cd without skippin one song... nuff said i can't even do that with get rich or die tryin so IMO the documentary > get rich or die tryin

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