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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

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 18 years ago '05        #1226
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Oh I see what happened...lol I said Premier had DJ'd for Insane Clown Posse. Well I'm reading an interview with him right now circa '98 where he talks about ICP: the Inner Circle Posse, NOT the shockrap white boys from Detroit. My bad.

 18 years ago '05        #1227
Sco Dylan 
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 Hyphy707 said
Back in 1995, KMEL's Summer Jam got cancelled due to brawls backstage, that actually started between E-40 & B.I.G. word was that E feezy smacked him up and Too $hort tried to stick up for Biggie. That's why Biggie had him on his albums. Biggie even appeared on a Cell Block Complilation wit hella unknown bay n1ggaz.
naw that aint happen...the supposed rumor is that when Biggie was here a week before he was killed, big was followed by a group of cars who surrounded him when he got to his destination, handed him a cellphone with E-40 on the other end, 40 told him to leave...so he did...but that's probably mostly fairy tales, but some tied to sic wid it and one of BIG's boys co-signed the story...i can't remember who it was though, BIG's DJ forgot dude's name...DJ ENuff? sh*t don't remember...

and another interesting fact, last years Summer Jam was the last atleast for a while...there was a stabbing and riots and a homicide all from the concert...i was there, it was maney as fu*k...all the Bay artists were on stage, and could be found in the crowd throughout...and the only non-Bay artist that actually went into the crowd and showed love was David Banner...he was walking around like a fan with a Bay Area shirt on most of the concert in the crowd and sh*t...

 Hyphy707 said
JT Tha Bigga Figga still walks around the streets of Fillmore by himself like an O.G.
not just the 'moe, JT be all over the place...every hood you can catch him, by himself...i lightweight know him just from seeing him around

 Hyphy707 said
Messy Marv walks wit a cane, because he was at a spot and got set up and some n1ggaz came to murk him out, so he jumped out a 3 story building and took off, broken hip and all.
he also crashed on a motorcycle around the same time, so his arm was in a cast for a while...for a year he was just messed up, then he went to jail for a lil bid....mess is cool folx though

 Hyphy707 said
The Game released his first albums after JT The Bigga Figga signed him to the original "Black Wall Street" somehow Game bought the rights to the name off of him.
yup, if it wasn't for JT The Bigga Figga, Sean T, or any of them, the Game wouldn't be nothing...i knew who The Game was in like 02...

 Hyphy707 said
Obie Trice and Eminem ain't liked out here also, cuz Obie tried to diss San Francisco on the radio station in SF saying that Frisco was a "*** city"
his real quote was that he had to "walk with his back to the wall" in San Francisco...as in don't get r@ped

 Hyphy707 said
3 of the 5 members of RBL posse have been killed in Hunters Point, San Fran.
Mister Cee and Hitman, who else?

 Hyphy707 said
Game got ran out of the famous music store Moses Music out in East Oakland, at a signing while he was beefing wit Yukmouth. n1ggaz ran up on him and him and his whole crew ran out the back door. He ain't been back in the hood out here since.
and San Quinn had his back...which made Yuk and Quinn take a few jabs at eachother on some mixtape tracks, but they never said eachother's names...and they have since squashed it

 07-12-2006, 11:15 PM         #1228
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real hip hop wensdays 10pm till 2 am on now for another hr wwww.wblqfm.com we are a full service station only hip hop when i am on every wensday holla

 07-12-2006, 11:15 PM         #1229
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emoji tired been on for 3 hrs...lol

 07-17-2006, 02:08 AM         #1230
Fatt Kidd 
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 LBoogie2122 said
Cashmoney CEO's Brian and Baby Williams have a brother who's LEGENDARY in new orleans, now serving 500 some odd years in jail for various murders, this is true, they do have a bro in jail who is hardcore and a lifer
this is true i forgot his name tho. he was in the original hotboys, a street gang not a rap group. he handed the name over to them cuz all the other 3 members were dead and he was in jail. baby and slim got bout 20 brothers and sisters put together.

 07-17-2006, 02:11 AM         #1231
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pac auditioned for the role of bubba in forest gump..

 18 years ago '06        #1232
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This sh*t is CRAZY ... good though

 18 years ago '06        #1233
Bk's Finest 
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Propz for starting this forum, you cat's got some good info

 18 years ago '05        #1234
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nas havin s3x wit jigga??? now thats bulshyt right there
:thumbsdow :banghead:

 18 years ago '05        #1235
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man some shyt i watched a couple of nights ago, tupac was a back up dancer, n studied ballet n shyt like dat.

 18 years ago '05        #1236
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yoo wats that song on the beef 3 cd called, shyt was bumpin in the back ground in teh 50 cent bang em smurf beef, when 50 goes like" am like God to you n1ggas"

 18 years ago '05        #1237
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wow..its still goin:applause:

 07-28-2006, 02:46 PM         #1238
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knew most of that

 07-30-2006, 09:25 PM         #1239
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2nd verse...ghostface punching mase lol

 18 years ago '06        #1240
Tiger King  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x16
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haha some funny sh*t............good looks

 18 years ago '05        #1241
LBoogie2122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2 OP
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wow lmao, found this in a reproduction of my thread

 LBoogie2122 said
Main Source (sans Large Pro) ran up in the Wild Pitch offices with machetes looking to behe@d MC Serch (then working as an A&R for the label) after a West Coast promotional tour went sour. MC Serch got wind that they were coming and escaped by crawling over the partial walls for his office and jetting out the back door.

 dime said
Let's go straight to the man himself to get the real deal - (I know Serch from his radio promotion company - he's semi-active on a message board I host)


 MC Serch said
Thanks for the memory. Here are the facts. Yes I ran Wild Pitch and was the VP fro two years and A&Red both the OC classic "Times UP" and the Coup "Genocide and Juice". Main Source ran up with a lot of weapons while my pregnant wife was visiting me. THe reason they ran up is that while doing a promo run in LA with the Main Source, we went to a live performance and some dude was outside with a sawed off trying to rob the DJ for the night. When we got back those dudes thought that I put out a hit on them. they kick in my office door and start trying to bogart. I did not escape throught no back starcase but looked over my half wall to see what was up. It was an ugly event and basically was the last day that the group was on the label. Wild Pitch made some grreat music but was doomed based on the deal they had between themselves and EMI. I never ran from them dudes and I never would. My wife and I look at those days as another part of education in this business

As for Eric B. that makes perfect sense. I would see him just standing there literally behind the turntables and didnt even pretend to scratch. I knew the jig was up then. Here's a rumour I didnt see: A friend of mine swore he saw Rakim snorting cocaine at a party in DC back in da early 90's. When I told him Rakim was a Five Percenter he was shocked.

Jaz-O was a Muslim back in the early 90's with the Ansaars. Remember his video "The Originators" So it made perfect sense he would B selling incense at the time.


 18 years ago '05        #1242
LBoogie2122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2 OP
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Only a few MCs wrote their own rhymes in NWA.

Masta killa punched a reporter for making fun of Wu.

Redman and Dead Prez graduated from college.

Before GZA, ODB had the name "Genius." This was way before GZA's 91 debut.

Members of Onyx were barbers before they became rappers.

RZA was charged with murder before 36 Chambers. He was released from lack of evidence

RZA came up with his alter ego, Bobby Digital, from doing too much pcp. He said he felt like there was 2 of him inside. That sh*t must have fu*ked him up.

De La Soul were pissed at people calling them Hip Hop Hippies, so they went and released the album De La Soul Is Dead. Heard this on VH1.

The 9th member of the Wu was going to be picked from Masta killa and killah Priest. Masta killa wrote rhymes all night, but Priest fell asleep too early. The next morning, he was awakened by Masta's Da Mystery of Chessboxin' verse.

50 Cent made his first official appearance in hip hop as a guest in Onyx's Shut em Down album. He was featured on the song "React."

Cappadonna taught Deck how to rap.

U-God's 3 year old son was shot while playing on the balcony of their house.

U-God talks about his son's death in the Forever LP.

Biggie isn't from NY. His mom didn't move to the BK til he was 8. He was bron in like the West Indies or Jamiaca, cant exactly remember

Nelly and Ciara were born in Austin

Usher was born in Dallas

Ludacris was born in Champaign, Illinois

There was a Hip Hop album with the title "The Black Album" which was made by Producer No ID

Young Buck of G-Unit has a album out already....b4 UTP he made a album with some kid named D-Tay...this was like 2000.

Pharoahe Monch used to be real fat, he also has Asthma

Nas wrote NY State Of Mind when he was 17

Suge was the DOC and Bobby Brown's bodyguard. He got the ends and outs of the music buisness from DOC

Yeah Ashanti is in the "MC's Act Like They Don't Know" video

at one point, every single rap label warned their artists: "never publicly mention the Wu tang"

Ghostface beat up Mase causing him to have his jaw wired.

Jayz and Busta Rhymes attended the same high school and once battled in a hallway

jemain dupri was the youngest producer ever to go platinum

eazy e had dinner with george bush

snoop dogg went to school with camron diaz

Esham, a pioneer in horrorcore rap in detroit, wrote some of the most vicious diss tracks to eminem....response was Bizzare sending Esham to the hospital with a ruptured eyeball, a mild concussion and loss of hearin in his left ear...

We all know The Notorious B.I.G. was killed in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. But, ironically, Biggie shouldn't have been in L.A. that weekend. Big, who'd been in L.A. since early February '97 promoting his 'Life After Death' album, was supposed to hop a flight to London on Friday, March 7, 1997, to continue his promotional junket. Biggie canceled his flight, and chose to remain in L.A. that weekend. He enjoyed the sunshine too much, and didn't want to leave it behind to go to an overcast London. Plus, he disliked European food. It may seem trite, but it's true. If Biggie had gotten on that flight on March 7th, he might still be with us.

mase had a million dollar contract (I think he was the first rapper, to get that).

Kool Keith & DMX used to collects bugs.

Dmx used to stand for "Divine Master of the unknown" (he should had kept that meaning)

Krazyzie Bone is a Jehovah Witness

Dre didnt like Snoop's raps, when he first heard them.

Just blaze got into producing, mostly to buy videogames.

Neptunes got some influence from old atari's music/sfx.

LL cool j wanted to do a song with odb. But when odb got to the studio. He rip off one of LL's plaque & pissed on it. Which made LL mad & got sercuity on him.

mc hammer dissed redman in one of his song.

dmx first thought Biggie was soft. Since, he saw Big did somethin real stupid in the studio

Bad Azz was Snoop's ghostwriter.

Jay Z ghostwritten Dre's verse on "Forgot About Dre"

Ras Kass use to battle Snoop in High School

Ras Kass's baby mother is recording artist Teedra Moses who he helped get a deal

Lil Kim was at one time pregnant by BIG but had a miscarriage. She also use to transport drugs on the bus system for him.

Da Brat was the first female Hip Hop artist to go platinum

Eminem once battled Juice in the Rap Olympics and lost to him coming in 2nd and saying it was rigged/favortism. Juice was the reason Em was at the Rap Olympics through invitation.

Immortal Technique battled Poster Boy on 106 and Park and lost. Immortal Technique who use to battle in all of the underground battle circuits also battled Slug from Atmosphere and a few other well known underground battle mcs.

After Chino XL recorded the track 3 to the Dome for Sway and Tech with him, Kool G Rap and Kane, Kool G threw away his rhymes and Chino went into the trash and took the crumpled out rhyme out and kept it because he was such a big fan of Kool G.

Eminem was supposed to be signed to Duck Down BEFORE signing with Dre and Aftermath, but Dru Ha decided not to sign him (the rumor is because he did not want to chance singing a white artist).

Ghostface use to wear a mask earlier in the Wu's career because he was really on the run from the police and took off the mask once his name got cleared.

The original version of Interview with A Vampire written by Ras Kass was about a 12 minute song and was chopped down to the 7 minute song recorded on Rasasssination.

There is a long list of rappers who are not from or even raised in the areas they claim as rap artists.....to name some from what I know:

Prodigy is not from QB originally
Xzibit is not from L.A., he moved there to pursue a career from N. Mexico
Mailk from Illegal (appeared on Pump Pump on Snoop's Doggystlye) was from S.C. but claimed L.A.
UGK is not from Houston, they are from Port Arthur Texas
DOC as already said was from Dallas
Canibus is not from Jersey like he originally claimed, but has lived in various places from Canada to Atlanta because of his family moving around.
Royce Da 59 is not from Detroit, but from a nice suburb a good ways outside of Detroit
Eminem is actually from Warren Michigan, not from Detroit
DJ Premier is not from NY, he is from Dallas Texas

Ice T use to be a REAL street pimp and hustler at one time before becoming a rapper.

MC Hammer had to be restrained by Russell Simmons because he was going to attempt to beat down MC Serch after giving him the Gas Face on the song Gas Face.

Q-Tip and Janet Jackson have had a love interest in a long time, but remain friends. That is why Q-tip got the part as her slain boyfriend in Poetic Justice.

In Poetic Justice...2pac was supposed to have an extensice s3x scene with Janet Jackson, but it was not shot when Pac refused to get an HIV test

Puffy directed Outkast's Player's Ball and Southernplayalistica dillacmuzik videos

Nore did time for murder when he was a juvenile.

Bizzie Bone and his siblings were molested repeatedly by their stepfather, and were kidnapped by him when their mother left him, which he says sparked his wild drug habit. Bizzie Bone also claims to have never tried eX, and claims that he was pressured into doing a verse on "Ectasy".

A large number of Actors who play gangsters in movies are from nice neighborhoods with little or no street knowledge

David Banner has a Master's Degree

Nelly was scouted by the St. Louis Cardinals when he was in High School

Mase taught Jim Jones how to rap

The Neptunes produced the song "Rumpshaker" and Pharrell wrote Teddy
Riley's verse

Missy was an admitted h0e in high school. Blamed it on being molested when she was younger

Scarface has a tatoo of somebody blowing their brains out on his forearm

Trick Daddy has like 20 sibling between his parents

Andre' 3000 drew the cover for Outkast's Aquemini album

Will Smith was accepted to MIT but decided to rap instead

Russell Simmons used to sell weed

Rick Rubin came up with the name DefJam and the logo

Jay-Z wrote Memphis Bleek's verse on that song from Reasonable Doubt and told Bleek he could use it only if he could memorize it and recite back to him in 24 hrs.

2Pac wanted to act before he ever considered rapping

Rakim's brother made some of Rakim's beats.

 18 years ago '05        #1243
LBoogie2122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2 OP
Props total: 9541 9 K  Slaps total: 1327 1 K
BIG lost his original record deal because Patti La Belle was offended by "Dreams of fu*king an R&B bi*ch".

When Puff started BB, he remembered BIG and the rest is history.....

Timbaland & Pharrell made a group when they were in High School

Flesh-N-Bone was the one who bought the bus ticjets for the rest of Bone to go to LA

Bone was homeless when they got to La

Krayzie auditioned over the phone first for Eazy-E, then in person in cleveland when Eazy did a show there..

Eazy-E told Bone not to get involved between the Dr.Dre & Eazy-E beef.....

Krayzie shot Wish Bone in the back of the leg with a shotgun when they ere yung(listen to I Remember frum Gemini:Good Vs. Evil)

Pac didnt wear a vest the night he got shot...and he ALWAYS wore a vest

Jay-z shot his brother for stealing money from him

Biggie isn't from NY. His mom didn't move to the BK til he was 8. He was bron in like the West Indies or Jamiaca, cant exactly remember

Lil Wayne shot himslef 2 times

"Let's Get It" with Pdiddy and Black rob was supposed to be G-Deps first single but made it in too a trio single for the PDIddy album

all most every crunk artist produced for So So Def during the Bass perion

JD is rich as hell for ghostwriting most of Usher's cds

Big Boi is from Savannah

David Banner graduated from Southern University, c#m laude, and was prez of SGA

that other guy from youngbloods(not sean paul) and andre 3000 are cousins

T.I. ghostwrote for bow wow (no wonder bow wow fell off)

young buck has rapped with cash money and three six mafia

Common attened FAMU

rakim wrote some verses for 'paid in full' three years before the album came out ... that wouldve meant he wrote that sh*t around the ages of 14/15 ...damn

Prodigy and Havoc both attend the same high school before they got a record deal.

Vinnie of Naughty By Nature is ifrst cousins with Mike Tyson

Dame Dash played a swordsman named Carlos in Highlander: Endgam

Snoop named "The Chronic". Dre didn't start smoking weed until he met Snoop, contrary to popular belief, he wasn't lying when he said "I don't smoke weed or cess", because at the time he didn't.

keith murray and prodigy had a physical altercation about 5 years ago.

baron davis and the game grew up together.

nas dropped out of school in the 7th grade.

The Fugees used to open up for Nas before either of them really blew up... (right after Illmatic)

You know that Biggie and Nas were hyped in 94 as the saviors of NY. Well supposedly they were on some tour and Nas began freestyling while they were drunk or something. Biggie fell asleep and then woke up and Nas was still going!

After recording Ready To Die Big learned to keep his lines in his head without writing them. This was a technique he taught Jay while Jay was doing Reasonable Doubt, then Jay eventually taught Ja Rule. None of them actually write lyrics.

When Big was doing "Notorious Thugs" he wanted to practice his Bone Thugs-ish flow without being embarassed so he sent everyone out of the room while he practiced by himself...

Big wrote all the lyrics for Junior Mafia's Consipracy minus a couple Lil Kim verses....

Nas, Jay and Mad Skillz were known in the early-to-mid-90s as the industries biggest ghostwriters....

Mos Def was originally on BET's Teen Summit

50 Cent wrote most of Blaque's first album

That Order Of Protection against Murder Inc from 50 does exist but it wasn't 50 who asked for it, it was court mandated. Supposedly they didn't even have to tell 50 they had made it, so he truly may have never known.

Ron Artest grew up in the same Queensbridge housing projects that Nas, MC Shan, Havoc, and others did. If you look for him you can see him in various QB-related artists' videos.

After Nature's "Nas Is Not" single began circulating, Nature was reportedly beat down by Nas' brother Jungle and his friends...

Supposedly Jungle and Lake also got Prodigy his chain back after he had been robbed...

Also supposedly, Fat Joe and Big Pun had developed a rivalry with Jay Z way back in 98. They supposedly got into it at a club and Pun smashed a bottle of champagne or some wine over Jay's head...

The Neptunes used to ghostproduce for Teddy Riley, they produced SWV's "Right Here" with Pharrell singing backup vocals

Timbaland used to ghostproduce sorta - sometimes hed get credit, sometimes he didnt - for DeVante Swing of Jodeci....

Timbaland and Ginuwine used to be in a group on Devante's label called Da Bassment, if you look for the Nutty Professor Soundtrack they have a cover of Ready for the World's "Love You Down"

Missy was in another group on Devante's label called Sista, they had a song on the Dangerous Minds Soundtrack....

Lil Wayne Shot Himself When He Was 9

Game Was On The Dating Gameshow Change Of Heart And His Girl Had A Change Of Heart

jay and mase had a little beef Supposedly it was a misunderstanding.
mase got at them on his opening track on harlem world.
jay got at him on "imaginary player" vol. 1.

Angie Stone was Signed to Sugar Hill records as a rapper

.Nas was suppose to be on "CAN I LIVE PT 1" by Jay-z....Nas didnt show up at last minute and Reasonable Doubt had was deadlined for the Next day....So Jayz had to hurry up and WRITE the 2nd Verse of it in 20 minutes and record it by himslef....Alot of people say this was the begining of a long standing fued

Style's P Attacked Puffy with Chair...(Security saved his ass)

Beanie Sigel knocked out Gillie the Kid on South street in front of Whole Cash Money crew when the NBA all star game was there

NAS wrote "MIAMI" for Will Smith

2Pac was ready to sign Big Daddy Kane to his label Makaveli Records.

2Pac took ballet.

AZ was in one of Jay-Z's videos.

Tigger from Rap Citys the basement as well as Mystikal where cheerleaders in highschool

the game is in gta san andreas

Cash Money Records was started from dope money back in 92'

It is rumored that Baby had Cash Money Artist Yella Boy killed after he pistol wiped Baby.

Mannie Fresh been DJing since 1987, him, Mia X, and KLC and a crew called NYC Inc.

Lil Wayne was signed to CMR at the age of 10, and him and BG(than called Lil Doogie) was in a group called the B.G.'z. Than he shot accidently himself than his daddy died so he layed off the mic for a minute.

BG been using heroin since the age of 15.

Juvenile wasnt signed to CMR until 97. Actually, BG was supposed to be the first artist to drop from CMR when they went national, but BG went to jail so the dropped Juvenile first.

Baby owns a portion of the Magnolia projects, he lets everyone there live rent free. True Story! Most of the project has been torn down.

Hot Boy's first album "Get it How U Live" sold 300K locally.

Lil Wayne ghostwrote for Bow Wow before.

Master P fucced alot of artist by giving the m one album contracts with no royalties. Just one small lump sum at the contract signing.

Juvenile is actually in is mid 30's.

Baby is the legal gaurdian of Lil Wayne
Kim had her a$s whopped by Faith over B.I.G

 18 years ago '05        #1244
LBoogie2122  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2 OP
Props total: 9541 9 K  Slaps total: 1327 1 K
Mary J Blige was a cokehead

Jay-Z was in Kanes' old videos

Roxanne Shante got pregnant when she was 15 years old

LOX debuted on Main Source 2nd album

Suposedly Lauryn Hill became a recluse the last 3 years or so and became apart of a strange cult with beliefs in Religious mysticism. Repordetly the cult has been draining her money and time. She suposedly has recently snapped out of it and is ready to work on the new fugees joint.

R. Kelly worked the drive through at Mc Donalds for an hour in St. Louis at a stop during the best of both worlds tour.

Kanye spent a million of his own money to make the final version of the Jesus Walks video

T.I. has 2 kids with Xscape singer Tiny

Juicy J and Project pat are brothers. And thier father is a minister.

Will smith hid in a closet when suge night and his blood friends stormed a studio in cali.

T.I. says urban legend was a paperless album. implying he keeps his raps in his head like jay or freestyles. (it seems everyone is tryin to do this now...)

Master P entered the NBA draft and for a brief stint played for the denver nugggets.

2pac used to call weed candy.

Daz and warren G went uncredited for a lot of co production on "Tha Chronic"
Treach did a prono

ODB got gonorreha (sp?) twice from the same woman.

At the time he died, Big L was in negotiations with Jay-Z to do a solo joint for Rocafella. I've heard this a couple of times.

I also heard that Big L's murder was a case of mistaken identity. The shooter(s?) thought he was his cousin or some [censored].

Roxanne Shante legally jacked her label for over $100,000 for education, and has done well with her life (even though she ain't released [censored] for years).

Method Man was dusted during the recording of the Mary J. Blige "All I Need" video. (That explains some of his facial features in the video)

In the months before he died, Big Pun had gotten so heavy that he had to be driven to and from the stage in a golf cart. Performing was said to be real hard & tiring for him. He was something like 700 pounds at the time of his death.

Pun used to play maaad pranks on his crew. One I can remember was him taking someone's cell phone, and putting it under his belly fold for a couple of minutes, than putting it back. Dude picked it up to use it, and it stank like Pun's bellyfold sweat

John Forte was busted for drug trafficking, and was caught with something like 30 pounds of yay.

Method Man loves golf! (Heads who seen the tape know what I'm talking about)

Willie D of the group Getto Boys moved his entire family to Baku, Azerbaijan, a middle east country on the border of Iran.

Bizzy Bone is quite the ladies man About 5 or six years ago Bizzy Bone got down on one knee and proposed to Halle Berry. He gave Toni Braxton the diamond ring off his finger. Him and Beyonce once had something going pre-jigga days.

Record Labels that are rumored to be "cursed":
The Bad Boy Curse: The Lox once seen as a sure thing first album flopped and they never really reached any great commercial succes. B.I.G was murdered. Black Rob arrested several times...labled a one hit wonder. Loon left the label. 112 left the label. New Edition left the label. Faith got caught with cocaine...left the label. Da Band broke up with only dropping a single album......Ness and Babs have yet to drop an album. Shyne is in Jail. and the list goes on.........

No Limit Curse: Master P filed bankruptcy. Soulja Slim was murdered. Mystikal in jail for r@pe. C- murder in jail for ummmm murder. Mac in jail for murder. Kane and Abel served 4 years for running drugs. Mia X is M.I.A. Mercedes strips now.....the list goes on....

The first person to give Nas his start at solo stardom was M.C Serch one third of the white rap group 3rd bass.

The New York Post a respected newspaper ran the offensive and disrespectfull headline about ODB's death "Dead Dirty Bastard"

When Skillz first album dropped he was still valet parking at a famous restraunt in Virginia

ODB had 7 kids not 13 as at first widely publicized

Once Ghostface killah was a guest at the "Rap City" TV programm. Cappadonna joined him later, coming with a briefcase in his hands. Tigga asked Ghost about the contents of that briefcase but Ghost didn't say a word. Then Tigga started smiling and sh*t, so Ghost asked him smth like: "Do I look funny or what? I'm not joking, so stop fu*king smiling at me".

Back in the days when 50 wasn't popular, he got dismissed from a club for dissing Ghostface killah !

Ol' Dirty Bastard's album "N***a Please" was originally planned to be named «Dirty World» or «Revolution: The Black Man Is God».

RZA didn't like that Jay-Z called himself Jigga - because it sounds similar to GZA.

Method Man once said that he likes working with Redman more than with the WU.
(It was on MTV)

RZA once said that if he wasn't in hip-hop business, he would like to be a scientist.

GZA is not a 5%-er anymore.

I've heard that Ghostface killah has some kind of diabetes so he doesn't drink any alcohol.

Method Man was one of the most favourite rapper of Notorious B.I.G.

While reading a magazine, Method Man found out that a video game "Wu–Tang Shaolin Style" came out for Sony Playstation. He got mad at the rest of the Clan for not telling him about that. Later he stated that this game was not that good, mainly because of the characters' movements.

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Where Lil Zane or Zane (now) been at? Any info on him??

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Tha Evil X 
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yezzir some are fake though

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most of these things are true except whoever said Game was pus*y because my pops(R.I.P.) and sister are both in his set Cedar Block Piru(Re99ie R3d & J Red aka B^loody Sinatra) they tol me he hold weight harder than most cats in NY. but other than that the other things are tru

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 LBoogie2122 said
Artists who i heard were pus*y, most robbed more than twice
Shyheim from the wu...pretty sure this dudes been in trouble wit the law for a while heard the kid is crazy...

DMX dude used to rob old ladys for their purses cuz he didnt wanna sell drugs...maybe its true most of his crimes were done with other people...

50 dude sold crack outta his grandmommas house...that aint gangsta
I went to school with Shyheim, he use to wear torn clothes, girls shirts, and stained sweat pants

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 Tek-Delorean said
lol @ "sensing" the realness you sound like yoda

Ill Will was NOT nas's brother...

Fat Joe DID NOT buck 50 cuban, in an interview Cuban says he was jumped by some of fat joe's people, Joe denies that he had anything to do with it.

Cuban was brought into TS by PUN, him and Joe were never really close.
Fat Joe and Cuban's beef started from rumors that cuban was boning Fat Joes wife. Cuban denies it, after PUN dies CUba and Joe have no one really keeping them together, and the rumors continue. Joey and Cuba shoot a fair one in a park in the BX. No one knows who won, but Cuba says he won and in retaliation Joey gets his goons to give him a buck fifty. Cuba says joe was hating on the fact he is a pretty n1gga and was cast to star in scarface 2 as tony montana's son. He say joe said "Now you really scarface"
I hear from more then one person that the whole "Scarface" incident was because Joe stole Pun's Rhyme book from Cuba while he was at Joe's home, Cuba left the book accidentally when he left try to retrive it but was chased from Joe's property, He later confronted Joe, They fought in the park and Joe had him cut afterwards in a club.

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 LBoogie2122 said
Nas was suppose to be on "CAN I LIVE PT 1" by Jay-z....Nas didnt show up at last minute and Reasonable Doubt had was deadlined for the Next day....So Jayz had to hurry up and WRITE the 2nd Verse of it in 20 minutes and record it by himslef....Alot of people say this was the begining of a long standing fued
YEP.... this is supposedly Jay's only written verse....

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