4/16 wwf smackdown live - day 2 of the wwf superstar shake up

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 1 day ago '09        #476
ReggieA 196 heat pts196
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Checked SD Live at work during down time

Balor vs Ali was great, Balor got some competition on SD Live, Orton, Ali, Truth, Roman, Rusev, Shinsuke. Murphy, Owens, etc.: should be some good a*s matches

Rusev and Shinsuke, they need a real build up to be a legit tag team. All this tag team jobbing isn't helping neither one of them

Orton vs Roman has more potential than Roman vs Elias honestly. They work similar styles, and Orton doesn't have to carry him, vice versa for Roman

Surprised with the BayLey reaction, I guess the fans finally gave up on her

Asuka and Kairi, that has some dope potential. Sasha needs to get her head out of her own a*s, come back. Sasha and BayLey vs Asuka and Kairi, those could be some dope tag matches

They are booking Lars exactly how they need to book Braun going forward, random a*s whoopings and just straight destruction. He's picking up good heat from the crowd. Need him to start squashing jobbers now

Kevin Owens got good chemistry with the New Day. That segment was dope as hell He lost tons of weight, that he really didn't need to lose, because he can do a lot of sh*t dudes over 250 on the roster can't do, but I would love to see him as Kofi's first challenger.

Overall a good show per usual. Thread went 20 pages with some of us missing improvements, but we are still a month away from the next PPV creative got their work cut out for them

 4 hrs ago '07        #477
xxskeemzxx 6 heat pts
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We'll have to settle for this lol

[pic - click to view]

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