Tru Life Takes Plea Deal For ‘09 Murder; Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

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Tru Life Takes Plea Deal For ‘09 murder; Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison


Former Roc La Familia artist, Tru Life appeared at Manhattan Criminal Court today and was sentenced to 10 years in prison after accepting a plea deal for his two-year old murder charge. In June 2009, Tru and his younger brother were involved in a stabbing incident which resulted in the k*lling of Christopher Guerrero. Both have been charged with second-degree murder, gang a*sault and a*sault charges.

 http://rapradar.com/2011/ .. d-to-10-years/

First: Tru Life Gets 10-Year Jail Offer For '09 murder

Incarcerated rapper Tru Life has reportedly been offered a ten-year jail sentence if he agrees to plead guilty to a 2009 murder charge.

Details of legal development hit the Internet Wednesday (February 16) evening.

Rapper Tru Life was offered a plea deal Wednesday on charges related to the fatal stabbing of a man outside a Murray Hill apartment building nearly two years ago. The plea deal offered by a*sistant District Attorney Linda Ford involved a 10-year sentence for the 34-year-old rapper and 12 years for his brother, Marcus Rosado. Both brothers face second-degree murder, gang a*sault and a*sault charges. The deal would require them to waive the opportunity to appeal. Robert "Tru Life" Rosado's lawyer, Alan Abramson, said he would discuss the plea deal with his client Wednesday afternoon. If the plea deal is not accepted, the brothers will go to trial on the first Monday in March. The rapper appeared in court Wednesday with a crew cut and neatly-groomed beard, in a dark brown suit and tie. His wife was in the courtroom. (DNA Info)

In November 2010, Tru's close friend/rapper Saigon discused the murder case.

"I haven't spoke to Tru in a few weeks. I'm waiting on his call now, but the last time we spoke, his case was looking good. Right now, he's in good spirits, he just misses his kids a lot. Other than that, he's strong. If everything works out for him, he should be home any day now...I haven't heard none of his new stuff yet. [Laughs] It's funny because when I was locked up, I used to call him and we'd rap on the phone for hours. So the next time I catch him, he's definitely gon' have to spit something." (VIBE)

Tru was officially indicted days after allegedly turning himself into police in summer 2009.

A rapper once signed by Jay-Z was indicted yesterday on a charge of fatally stabbing a man at Club Pacha in Hell's Kitchen on June 15. Tru Life (real name Robert Rosado) is being held without bail for allegedly murdering Chris Guerrero, 20, and stabbing Jason Grey, 27, who is in critical condition. The rapper's brother, Marcus, is being held for allegedly jumping in on the attack. (New York Post)

This week, Saigon awarded Tru Life the title of SOHH Underrated.

"Tru Life is criminally underrated. You know what, instead of just calling him SOHH Underrated, we're gonna also call him Criminally Underrated. That's what we're gonna go with. People really do not know how dope he is. Tru is one of my closest friends and a great, great artist from New York City. He always gets record deals but he never got his chance to show the world what he can do. Tru is a righteous brother, he's in jail right now, but you know, if you want to go and Google some of his songs, you should. He's got a song called "Day I Die". He's got a song with Keri Hilson, actually. It's called, "Love Don't Live Here." It's another great song." (SOHH Underrated)

 Tru Life Gets 10-Year Jail Offer For '09 murder | SOHH.COM

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