Apr 6 - Two victims critically wounded;Frederick,MD shooter shot dead on Fort Detrick base

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Apr 6 - Two victims critically wounded;Frederick,MD shooter shot dead on Fort Detrick base

A 38-year-old shooter is dead and two victims are in critical condition after a chaotic Tuesday morning in Frederick, Maryland.

After entering a business located on Progress Ct., the 38-year-old man shot two other adult men, Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando said during a press conference.

Initial reports stated that the Frederick SWAT team was deployed, and a trooper was dispatched to pick up a person with a gunshot wound. The suspect is reportedly active-duty Navy, 7 On Your Side's Brad Bell's sources say. The Navy Public Affairs released the following statement:

The U.S. Navy can confirm there was an active shooter incident at Fort Detrick, MD involving U.S. Navy Sailors. The shooter, a Navy Hospital Corpsman, is deceased. We will continue to update with additional details as the situation evolves.

The business, Nicolock Paving Stones, released a statement saying the shooting did not occur inside their business. Instead, they claim the shooting happened “within the industrial park where the Nicolock facility is located.”

A victim entered our property seeking help. Our team was able to a*sist them and called the authorities. We are pleased to report that all the Nicolock employees are safe.
Chief Lando says that after leaving that area, the shooter, who remains unidentified at this time, then went to Fort Detrick. Personnel on the base shot the suspect. After attempts to revive the shooter failed, he was declared dead.

Fort Detrick released the following statement:

Fort Detrick Police have neutralized an active shooter situation involving an armed gunman. After a shooting incident off post, the suspect breached the Nalin Pond gate located off of Opossumtown Pike. The gunman was neutralized, and medical lifesaving procedures were initiated. The gunman was pronounced dead at the scene. At this time, the identity of the shooter is unknown. “Our number one priority is the safety of our people,” said U.S. Army Garrison Fort Detrick Commander Col. Dexter Nunnally. “Our emergency responders are well trained for these types of situations and the fast response of our military police enabled us to contain this threat quickly.” Fort Detrick and local law enforcement are continuing to investigate this incident.

The two male victims are currently in critical condition at Baltimore shock trauma, Chief Lando says.

Authorities believe there was only one shooter and have declared the public is safe. Frederick County Public Schools are no longer on lockdown.

“No one wants to see this type of thing,” Chief Lando said.

7News reporter Brad Bell spoke to a witness who says that he was down the row near the area where the shooting occurred.

People inside the building ran through the glass door to exit. The witness says in the parking lot, there was one person down and there were people running across Monocracy Boulevard.

And that's when another shooting took place when someone was down in the street and the suspect fled but was taken down by authorities at a different location.

Governor Hogan has been reportedly briefed on this situation.

visit this link https://foxbaltimore.com/ .. uthorities-say


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I'm guessing a bi*ch was involved for this

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Taking bets on color of shooter

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Wild times we live in when sh*t like this is a normal occurrence

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 Illogic said
Taking bets on color of shooter
Money line
White -30000
Anyone else +1000

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 AcoManiac9 said
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Anyone else +1000
I ain't worried about skin color as of right now. But I am worried about the narrative CNN is gonna push. Is it gonna be: take all guns away?

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 AcoManiac9 said
Money line
White -30000
Anyone else +1000

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