Breaking News: Nicki Minaj Reveals Vaccine is bullsh-t . powers that b told her and drake

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 3 days ago '15        #151
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This should prove the stupidity of them celebrities y’all worship. She’s gonna take her individual experience and equate that to all cases across the world.

 3 days ago '11        #152
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If Nicki Minaj got covid or Drake got covid then I'm convinced Dewayne lil Wayne Carter is a rap god contagious or not

 2 days ago '15        #153
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 TheLegend said
all the rich white folks not getting vaccines

I wonder why

BX, whats going on... timestamp??????????????????????

 2 days ago '20        #154
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 justin747 said
The fact that yall trying to turn this into some weirdo debate about vaxxers vs pro-vaxxers, when people are still getting covid and dying from it

You dudes are lost

Says the man who tried to belittle me and talk sh*t because I’m not vaccinated even said I dropped out of hs

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