Networking doesnít work

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Networking doesnít work

Most rich/ successful people are too busy to be at these events or to just be out chit chatting with people who donít serve their agenda. Most people at networking events are job seekers or people looking for a network. If you want to meet successful people you have to be successful yourself. Mastery is the only way to success, find something you enjoy doing and put time into it and then put your skills to work.


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Networking not only doesn't work but it can be an easy way for people in more prominent social ranking to leech off of the little man. I know this from first hand experience.. granted that was my marketing strategy to begin with and it's worked flawlessly but nonetheless netowrking is reserved for the clubs/cliques of any industry that are already pre established and unless you meet the criteria of that club you will reap no benefit... personal or business from networking with them.

Focus on where the future of networking is going. It's similar to how viruses work and as you know if someone's sick and they sneeze on your face then you're getting sick... no way around it. Now instead of it being a virus... think about it being information or even a deeper knowledge. That's the essence of networking. Not this hipster era/let's make money and live in greed sh*t that the lesser inclined came up with


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you talking about beginners networking

a real network is maintaining relationships with people you encounter in your journeys that can benefit each other through similar interests

best example ive witnessed is i used to do real estate with a small time broker who became friends with a guy who managed 20 properties for a jewish lawyer out in brooklyn

white guy and a black guy at some random place start talking, find out that theyre in the same business and form a bond, dude was mad cool, big belly big silver hair and mustache he used to tell me stories about him chilling with barry white at parties doing coke back in the day

they became tight to a point where he let us rent out all the units exclusively, we had that rolling for a few years, nice side money since we werent selling houses like that

but the property manager was into some shady sh*t and they found him shot dead in his mercedes, robbed of like 5 grand cash after making the rounds collecting rent from the properties

so the jewish lawyer hits up my broker and asks him to take over and he does

he eventually brokers all 20 houses sold, all multi family units

my dude mr broker came off with a nice piece of change, real real nice

and his daughter is my ride or die, so even tho im out the real estate game i still benefit from our bond

and when i need a new apartment i pay no fees and his team do the work for me

hes apart of my network, you gotta know how to befriend those that can help you, not the ones who cant, they everywhere you go and you meet them all the time you just gotta know. the difference

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If you think you’re gonna go chop it up with a big wig because you’re at an event you’re wrong. The big wig is there to talk to the other big wigs on high level sh*t. By that I mean them joking, drinking and agreeing to meet at some point.

Normal networking is meeting people. Understanding what you do and how it can impact them and you leave it. You make friends and acquaintances. Then when the time is right you can say “I know someone that does this/works there”. Everyone is there to use everyone else, but as long as the name drop occurs and they are the ones who make the intros to their bosses when it’s time for the new vendor/project this person gets roped into the mix. It shows they are capable of maintaining a relationship and knowing how to leverage it when they need to.

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It’s possible to network, and have very little to say.

But you have to be methodical, and have something to offer, leverage, or simply be of use to someone.

There’s different kinds of networks out there, but 9/10 it really is a big shark’s pool out there. The better relationships you can form, the better the services you can provide, or having the reputation to do good/be good can really impact the way people treat you in networking situations.


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