Feb 25 - Fat Joe On 50 Cent's 'Piggy Bank': 'Them Steroids Is Getting To Him'

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Feb 25 - Fat Joe On 50 Cent's 'Piggy Bank': 'Them Steroids Is Getting To Him'

Fat Joe says 50 Cent is the real "Wanksta." Joe called in to his good friend "The Drama King" Kay Slay on New York radio station Hot 97 Thursday night and had a harsh response to 50's "Piggy Bank" record. Joe called Fif "a coward" that was "scared of his own shadow."

"Them steroids is getting to him," Joe said. "He ain't built like that. These dudes is hilarious to me."

Fat Joe reiterated that prior to the release of "Piggy Bank" (see "50 Cent's LP Pushed Up, Harsh 'Facts' Sound Like Disses On Leaked 'Piggy Bank' ") he never had any beef with 50 or disrespected him blatantly or subliminally. Joey Crack also said that he wouldn't be surprised if 50 came out dissing Eminem because 50 is just that disrespectful.

"That dude ain't the truth," Joe fumed. "His name should be Vince McMahon because he likes to create hype."

Watch the premiere of "All Eyes on 50 Cent: The Sequel" Sunday, February 27 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV, and come back to MTVNews.com to read our full feature on 50 that same night.

— Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes

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