Prophecies Muhammad Accurately Warned About

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Strong Side Iso 
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What I found out about religions, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hebrews.... is that they might believe the same things everywhere you go. But they EXPRESS it differently based on their culture.

For example: Here in the US, people are in your face about their religion. They'll argue about religion tooth and nail. Get every last word in, call you names etc. f*ght you.

In west africa, in Ghana, people wont "argue" about religion like Americans do, even if they don't see eye to eye. They'll have a civil discussion and really listen to one another. They wont interrupt, they will cook food for you, invite you to their backyard, ask about your family, how your animals are doing etc. WAY more hospitable.

In America, having a disagreement over religion is f*ghting words. But why is that?

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