May 25 - 50 Cent made $210-420 million over night?

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May 25 - 50 Cent made $210-420 million over night?

Coke seen buying Glaceau for $4.2 billion

Deal for vitamin water maker is scheduled to be announced on Friday.
May 25 2007: 6:23 AM EDT

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Coca-Cola has approved the purchase of vitamin water maker Glaceau for $4.2 billion in cash and Coke stock, the New York Times reported on its Web site on Friday.

The deal was scheduled to be announced on Friday, the paper said, citing an unnamed executive involved in the talks.

Representatives for Coke and Glaceau could not be reached immediately.

Glaceau is 30 percent owned by India's Tata Tea, and is the No. 2 maker of enhanced water behind PepsiCo's (Charts, Fortune 500) Propel.

Glaceau sold 77 million cases last year, compared with Propel's 95 million, according to industry publication Beverage Digest.

The publication reported earlier this week that Coca-Cola had filed a premerger notification with regulators about a proposed purchase of Glaceau.

 http://money.cnn.com/2007 .. ion=2007052506

50 Cent Invests In Vitamin Water
By Nolan Strong
Date: 10/13/2004 7:57 am

50 Cent is diversifying and taking some of the money he earned from his multiplatinum album releases and investing in a beverage company.

Unlike his business counterparts who have invested in energy drinks and liquor businesses, the Queen's bred rapper bought a stake in Glaceau, the company that owns the Vitamin Water drink.

50 said he drinks the product on a regular basis, since he does not drink alcoholic beverages.

According to sources, 50 Cent will release his own line of drinks, a grape-flavored beverage called Formula 50.

Formula 50 will retail for $1.99 and while it hasn't been officially released, select stores in New York are testing the product.

Presently, 50 Cent is recording his second album, which was originally slated to be released this summer.

50 Cent scrapped the first recording of the album, fearing he hadn't outdone his major label debut, Get Rich or Die Trying.


Issue Date: March 20, 2005

To coincide with this month's release of his new CD, beverage marketer Glaceau introduced a platinum label for its popular grape-flavored Formula 50 vitamin water. The drink, co-created by 50, has sold 10 million bottles since its October launch.

 http://www.usaweekend.com .. 0_50_cent.html

"It was real cool doing the vitamin water deal, because it was a privately owned company. You know how some companies allow employees to have stock options, They put out the stock and allowed me to buy into the company so that was a good deal. It has 50% of your daily vitamin intake in the drink. I’m health conscious and work out all the time anyways."

 http://www.murderdog.com/ .. nt/50cent.html


50 Cent is rumored to own between 5 and 10% of this company which is about to be bought for $4.2 billion dollars. That comes to between $210 and $420 million. I guess he was serious about laughing straight to the bank. image

Edit: They revised the buyout to $4.1 billion from $4.2 billion.

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