Jimmy Henchman, Haitian Jack ,King Tut all involved in Pacs 94 shooting

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Jimmy Henchman, Haitian Jack ,King Tut all involved in Pacs 94 shooting

Damn it’s like I know bits and pieces about this from what Tupac has mentioned, from what Cease said on Chronicles of Junior Mafia, they all hinted towards Pac involving himself with some dangerous dudes and such and such, then the r*pe sh*t in 94 as well some of these names were called out as well, seems like these dudes was trying to extort pac and because he didn’t let it happen dudes set him up.

Also Black Mafia Family was also extorting Puff from what I hear as well, they had bad boy on lock and it was the guy who runs Black Mafia Family who k*lled Puffs cousin Anthony Wolf Jones but he beat the case.

Can anyone give some more info on this sh*t, I wanna know what went down

 http://www.2paczone.com/n .. iontoTupac.php

In a recent article in Source magazine, Walter Johnson (aka Tut) denies a connection to Tupac's shooting. Tut was mentioned in "Against All Odds" where Tupac raps, "gun shots to Tut, now you stuck." 50 Cent also references the incident stating "When Pac got shot, I got a kite from the pen saying Tut got knocked." Many people believe that it was Tut's connection to Puffy, and Black Mafia ties, that were behind Tupac's first shooting in 1994.

In the article Tut states that he was framed by people in the industry who blamed him to "prevent themselves from falling." Tut later implies police corruption, "I might not have all the answers, but I'm quite sure I have something that's very, very important for the rap world to feel. It takes a criminal to catch a cop just like it takes a cop to catch a criminal."


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