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Mar 28 - TI Comments On Altercation With Lil' Flip

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icon Mar 28 - TI Comments On Altercation With Lil' Flip

Atlanta, Georgia rapper TI recently appeared on Atlanta’s 107.9 and confirmed that a physical confrontation took place between him and rival rapper, Lil’ Flip.

A feud between the two rappers reached boiling point last Thursday, after TI appeared on Houston, Texas radio station 97.9, commenting on the growing tension between the two rappers.

Later in the evening, reports swirled that the two men crossed paths in the Cloverland section of Houston, where TI was shooting a DVD.

TI appeared on Atlanta, Georgia radio station 107.9 last week on Emperor Searcy’s show and discussed the altercation.

“He was walking behind the car and I’m walking up to him trying to beg him to come out from behind the car, so we can get a square deal going,” TI stated. “He sent somebody from behind and they hit me in the back of the head, that did happen.”

Apparently TI brought along a videotape of the incident, which he allowed the DJ to view, confirming that a videotape of the altercation exists.

“I don’t say things, I do things. If I say things, I do things,” TI stated on the air. “I came to show my face and my tape. I showed them the tape, I showed them what happened and they’ve seen it.”

During the interview, TI stated that the verbal feud boiled over into a fight while he was in Houston, Texas, after Lil’ Flip allegedly threatened TI’s son on a mixtape.

TI dismissed reports that he sustained serious injuries during the fight as reports have suggested, noting to on air personalities that he did not have a blemish on his body.

“Ima die by mines,” TI said. “If you’re not willing to die, or ki1l about the things you say [and] disrespect me, my family and my loved ones, then you might as well leave me alone.”

The rapper stated that on his end, the beef between him and Lil’ Flip is over and revealed several upcoming projects.

The rapper’s Grand Hustle label will release a full length from R&B artist Governor this summer, a documentary and other projects, including an upcoming appearance on the hit television show The O.C., which is slated to air in next month.

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