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Sep 9 - Voletta Wallace Says Puffy & Lil Kim Used Biggie To Further Their Own Careers

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Sep 9 - Voletta Wallace Says Puffy & Lil Kim Used Biggie To Further Their Own Careers

The mother of murdered hip-hop star Notorious B.I.G. - gunned down in 1997, presumably by rival rappers - savages Sean (Diddy) Combs and Lil' Kim in a soon-to-be-published memoir.

In "Biggie: Voletta Wallace Remembers Her Son," due out Oct. 25 from Simon & Schuster's Atria books, Wallace alleges that Combs - who signed Biggie to his Bad Boy record label in the 1990s - and Kim, Biggie's sometime lover, both used him to further their own careers.

"I'm glad my son does not have to witness that the very people that he thought he could ride and die with wouldn't think twice about using his mother," Wallace writes about her late son Christopher, Combs and Kimberly Jones. "I am glad that he's not here to see how they have used his image and his name."

She adds: "I believe Sean loved my son - after he was dead. I used to tell Christopher all the time not to trust Sean."

Ever since Biggie's death, Combs has regularly invoked his memory, as he did weeks ago when he performed an elaborate tribute at the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami.

Wallace accuses Lil' Kim of pilfering her New Jersey home after she let her use it for a magazine interview.

When the magazine hit the stands, "The first picture I saw was Kim wearing my son's mink coat, holding his chain and wearing his hat. I was in shock," Wallace writes. "I felt violated."

Wallace continues: "I read the entire article and learned that not only was Kim wearing things belonging to my son, but she claimed that the home belonged to her as well. This experience helped me draw my own opinions about Kim. And they weren't good."

PR reps for both Diddy and Kim were mum yesterday.

 http://www.nydailynews.co .. p-294285c.html


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