IBM Supercomputer Identifies 77 Compounds That Could Fight Coronavirus


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 2 weeks ago '06        #26
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 cankstoochie said
whats your take on beta glucan? does it work?
I haven’t started using it yet, but have some on the way. I’ve been back to taking black seed oil and vitamins currently, and adding others. The research studies I read on beta glucan proved it to be a solid supplement for boosting immune response against multiple ailments, everything from the common cold to cancer. When doing research i came across a gang of anecdotal evidence/ testimonies from women that had cervical issues including hpv, and after taking it for several months claimed to have test results that showed negative, or at least brought it to undetectable levels. Now, obviously these are just people on the internet that can just say whatever, but based on the number of them all saying the same thing, there may be some validity to those claims. If nothing else, i’d say it’s worth looking into. I’m giving it a go.

 2 weeks ago '20        #27
Rickymc  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 925 said
Just think our immune systems have multiple times the computing power of even this supercomputer, regulate ACE2 and are familiar with the proteins required.

Boost your immune system you don't need a super computer

There needs to be an immune boosting thread.

Vitamin A,C, and especially D
Minerals...Zinc, Selenium
Good sleep
Limit stress
Fasting if you sick and not hungry don't eat.
If you cold and have a fever get under a breathable blanket.

Some antivirals even garlic would work... things like Elderberry, Tumeric

There are even articles on foods that inhibit ACE2 if that ever even becomes necessary. Think whey was on there. Imo lowering blood pressure and blood sugar probably inhibit ACE2.
i got apple cider vinegar

some elderberry shots

zinc in immunity aid drink

echieca will that help.

 2 weeks ago '15        #28
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 acefresh said
Imagine if they used all that computing power to create an entire livable playable world...

Who said this wasn’t it we’re “existing” in now??


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