Nov 27 - Compny fires all 2700 emplyees via txt the night before..2 days before thksgiving

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 4 months ago '07        #51
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getting fired via text is wild af

like how unprofessional can u be?? smh

 4 months ago '14        #52
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 qutaboi225 said
However you see it or whatever makes you sleep better at night it still boils down to the same point. Companies are dumping people by the tens of thousands and then hiring the folks at a reduced unlivable wage. On top of that they're hiring less workers to do the jobs of multiple people. Corporate greed a mfkr
Then on top of that making mfs work 12 hrs with no weekends off

 4 months ago '16        #53
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 UziMane said
Iím sure thatís very possible

So far itís been good for EV vehicles at ford with jobs but future will tell all
Thanks for answering my question and I do wish the best for you guys

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