Does anybody know how connecting with DJs and radio works?

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classicrap1  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x13
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 nigs said
U can call college radio stations, talk with them or email......
U gonna want to download this list, should be more up to date

Anything bigger gonna need bread to grease the wheels

Look up registering bmi n ascap.....
Look up copywriting
i apologize. i thought you was baggio. looks like you not. i am sorry. for going off on you.

 5 days ago '17        #27
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@ the nores door pick one

 4 days ago '17        #28
jbyudah  OP
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@ the nores door pick one
what you mean by that

 4 days ago '17        #29
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 jbyudah said
what you mean by that

 3 days ago '19        #30
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Send me an email I gotta a supreme plug for college Dj’s goodmanentllc@gmail.com
 jbyudah said
Anybody here work with College radio, Local radio or Internet radio stations?
anybody here DJ?

Can someone explain how getting connected with these type of folks work?

How can someone who makes music, send their tracks and make relationships with these people?

 3 days ago '17        #31
jbyudah  OP
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 Superman777 said
Send me an email I gotta a supreme plug for college Dj’s


 3 days ago '17        #32
jbyudah  OP
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 Superman777 said
Send me an email I gotta a supreme plug for college Dj’s
Email sent

 3 days ago '09        #33
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 3 days ago '21        #34
Fatt Kidd 
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This whole thread is comedy

 3 days ago '20        #35
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 classicrap1 said

its about fake viral views now.

abd doing shock vaule sh*t to make it in the industry. and not raw talent.
FWIW - It was never about raw talent. It's always been about angling your way into spaces that will help you advance.

There's being an artist and being in the music industry and quite frankly, both require a lot of creative thinking, just in different ways. Some people can do both, some people are one or the other.

You want to play the game, you got to play the game. Once you cross the threshold from making music to selling music, you gotta take on the workload of selling music. In today's world, that means selling a lifestyle.

If you don't already have a label, start an LLC and create your label. Set up a YouTube channel, set up a SoundCloud promo channel, create a label and artist IG account and get some content (even if it's just cover art and music playing) out there.

Go to a distributor (eg Label Worx etc) and sign up for distribution for your label to get your music on all the major DSP's. Once you release your first track or EP, get your label and your artist accounts on Spotify, set up your ASCAP or BMI account etc. This gets your music out there to the world, on Spotify etc, and gets you set up to collect any royalties/registers you as the publisher etc.

Once you're on those platforms, invest money in Spotify/YouTube advertising, trying to get on playlists & get those YouTube views up. Create more content for SM that drives people to your YouTube and/or IG channels.

Buy views. Who cares (from an ethics/morality/really real artistic standpoint) if you have to pay for enough views to start getting picked up by the algorithms, so what. The biggest names in the industry do it so how are you going to cut through the noise without playing the game?

It's no different than spending money on magazine ads, facebook ads or billboards, it's paying money to get your song in front of more people and it's going to have way more ROI than a facebook ad.

Book local shows, even if they don't pay and get your people to come. Make them understand their bodies in a physical space equates to helping you level up. People are attracted to people who have already attracted others. Right or wrong, never forget this.

Successful performance (asses in seats, period, that's the only metric that matters) at level 1 tells people at level 2 you're worth booking. Use those local shows to create more SM content. Up to this point, you're just working on making yourself look like an artist worth someone's time. The more professional (professional in the sense of playing the game) you look, the more likely you are to attract necessary attention.

Pay someone already in the business, who has experience in music marketing to write and submit press releases to magazines, blogs etc. Don't fall for all this Fiverr accounts set up by DJ's and fake marketing people. Don't pay someone to write and submit, pay them to produce (how many blogs pick up their writing, how many stations / listeners hear it etc). There are thousands of people trying to make a buck off you who won't produce any real metrics around their performance. Don't fall for that sh*t. Your money would be better invested in paying for more views TBH.

Constantly look for the next level and aim for that. You get mentioned in some random blogs, next up look for someone that can get your face in a Complex SM post. You got on one playlist on Spotify, look for a larger playlist and target them.

Keep metrics on hand for your performance at your current level to help justify your step up to the next level. My last 3 blog references generated XX clicks, XX increase in IG followes, XX number of sales, XX number of streams. Keep historical metrics showing growth. It will help keep you motivated when you start to get tired of the grind and lose steam. It will also help you convince the next level of folks to take you serious.

or just release your sh*t on your own label and be cool with the 15 sales and 25 streams you get because all this other sh*t isn't worth it too you or your sanity and go from there. All depends on what's really important to you.

Good luck.

 3 days ago '04        #36
bigjoshi2002  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x9
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Back in the day I played with this. I doubt anything has changed. For internet and college you can simply email them.

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