THF ZOO ARRESTED …. Caught with 3 machine guns (Same day as O Block raids) smfh

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 2 weeks ago '13        #26
vcof2005  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Booker T wild'n with them guns

 2 weeks ago '06        #27
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 2 weeks ago '18        #28
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Ignorant monkey face a*s n*ggas. Where the machine guns at for white people. We got real oppressor's out here. n*ggas had to create a game so they can lie to themselves and fake it like they a man. n*ggas be giving up 10% of their earnings from pimping they own sister and selling dope to each other mom to a white priest named Michael Pfleger. Look it up. This white boy priest keep catching s*x a*sault cases on young black men and they parade this mfer around like he the white MLK. IM TUPAC k*llUMINATI.

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