Get Big On A Budget: Walmart Grocery Shopping

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 Zaosyn said
But do Costco sell single items? Only time I been there or Sam's Club the deals are nice but I'm not trying to buy 6 jars of pizza sauce for $12 when I just want one of them
Depends on what you are getting. Every location is different even Costcos near each other will have different stuff. Your question, tomato sauce? 2 jars. It doesn't go bad. Yeah, it's wholesale but the stuff goes so it's always fresh. I feel like the stuff in Walmart is always stale or close to expiration.

Everything he got. He could have go better quality stuff and more for cheaper and if you got a card with them get like 5% back at end of the year. Rice? Could have got a 12lb of organic brown rice. Pasta? Some Italian brand organic and 72 servings for like $8. Eggs? 24 for a few bucks. Ground beef. It's a 4 pack for probably same price.

Only thing that isn't a good deal there is meat. Protein powder and pre workout. Yeah there isn't much selection and it's probably the least popular flavor but MP Cookie and Cream or Gold Standard vanilla or chocolate 8lb bag for $30. Amino Energy 65 servings for $24. Best bang for your buck. Yeah, it sucks not trying different flavors. fu*k I look like spending $60 for 30 servings and some fancy flavor. It all does the same sh*t, I down it and keep it movin.

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