Was C Murder realer than 2pac? C murder lived in the projects even when rich

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 4 months ago '20        #76
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 WillyWanka00 said
Master p own tons

 4 months ago '10        #77
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 WillyWanka00 said
school me then? cause c was trying to help imo
Long and the short of it is everyone including his brothers tried to get C out the streets. C refused. When you signed with no limit, you got a house paid for, part of the deal. Add in C was P own brother, u know P took care of him. C had next, he had was at the top when he caught that charge with down for my n*ggaz. C chose to stay in an apartment in the projects cuz sadly he couldn’t leave the hood alone.

Basically you can give back to the community without living in the projects. No look where C is. Sad story

 4 months ago '18        #78
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How many times have we seen "when keepin it real goes bad"?

Once you mental midgets get out of this "real" phase, the richer your life will be. From diet to mind

 4 months ago '22        #79
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 WillyWanka00 said
c murder is alive and wrongfully convicted 2 pac is dead
I’d rather be dead than around a bunch of fu*king bums on the prison yard for the rest of my life

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