🤡 IT: CHAPTER 2 🤡 [Official Movie Discussion Thread]


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 4 weeks ago '12        #101
sOurxd i e s e  23 heat pts23
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 Almighty HA said
I loved it. Like i said in another thread, it was entertaining. Can't take it too serious as it's just horror/fantasy so the plot is already out there to begin with.

I gave it a 8/10 but it would of been a 9/10 like chapter 1 but that ending was wild weak. Also, they should of explained Pennywise's origin a tad bit more. I hate movies where aliens just pop out of nowhere and don't explain what, who or why, which is what i kinda got out of this movie. They touched on it a little but i still wanna know wtf he really was/is.

And is it me or did they hint that the ending was gonna be wack? They kept referring to bill's wack endings in the movie
i took that more as a friendly fire at stephen king

a lot of people complain about his endings being weak

i read one of his latest books The Outsider and the ending didnt pay off... the first half / middle
of the book was amazing though

Revival is one of his newer books and i that ending was amazing imo

anyway didnt enjoy the movie too much
not enough pennywise
comedy felt force... the cursing in the first
movie was a lot funnier because they were kids


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 6 days ago '10        #102
StoopidVillinz  22 heat pts22
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Can someone explain that fun house scene for me?

I don’t understand how that kid got stuck

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