Close Up Pics of The Maybach Destroyed "Otis" Video...:cooliowhoa:

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Close Up Pics of The Maybach Destroyed "Otis" Video...:cooliowhoa:

Rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West will auction off the Maybach luxury car that was used in their new music video “Otis,” to support recovery in the East Africa. The rap duo gave the car a makeover during the video– stripping the exterior apart with saws and a torches, giving the uber-expensive vehicle a cool new look. The video closed with a message stating, “The vehicle used in this visual will be offered up for auction. Proceeds will be donated towards The East African Drought Disaster.” :applause:

There has been no word yet on when the auction will take place, but the money is much needed in East Africa. In recent weeks, tens of thousands of of East Africans have died, in what the United Nations described as the worst famine of the generation. Aid workers say the severity of the famine has risen due to spiking food prices and the increasing regularity of major droughts. Both rappers regularly donate to charity, Jay Z currently raising money for cancer research, and West supported at-risk students in America with his own foundation for several years.



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