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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot 3X PLAT

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 07-06-2005, 03:49 PM         #126
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-cappadonna tried to sell me fitteds and tims out the trunk of his mans black s500 on south beach this year lmao noooo lie n1ggas i put it on my family .....

and loyd banks is like 22-23 my n1gga from the same hood

-i heard also fab fu#ked up ali vegas up on a one on one
same with stack bundles did vic damone
-i heard that ali helpd smurf get outta jail
-trick daddy used to smoke danks(coke n cripy) for years
-fat joe got knocked the fu#k out @ mansion by sum zoe pound n1ggas joe tried tryin to defend busta and wen n1ggas to snatch his chain they hands got cuttup on the t.s moons on joes chain
same time busta got hit
-jim jones pistol whipd gravy out here
-meech fu#ks with trina
-zab judda be fu#kin with bmf
-cash money tour bus got stop and robd on the 1-95 in ft laud

 19 years ago '04        #127
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def interesting props keep dis sh1t going n how come dis sh1t aint a sticky

 19 years ago '04        #128
MegaTON  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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ima add more when i find my ego trips big book of rap lists...be back later

 19 years ago '04        #129
Skilllz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Vanilla Ice was beat up by suge and hung out his balcony and forced to drink piss.. All because Suge wanted the royalties to Ice Ice Baby.

 07-06-2005, 04:12 PM         #130
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either way wutang is the hardest rap crew ever
^^^real talk

 07-06-2005, 04:21 PM         #131
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Great thread...

And to that guy, the song is Live At The Barbeque - Main Source ft. Nas, Akinyele & Joe Fatal

 07-06-2005, 04:22 PM         #132
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killah Priest was supposed to have the guest spot on Mystery of Chessboxin' from Enter the Wu-Tang, but he passed out in the studio and RZA just got Masta killa to spit a verse.

And Cappadonna now drives an illegal cab in New York for a his job.

 07-06-2005, 04:33 PM         #133
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 jerzj75 said
I don't think shyheim is weak. I sense nothing but realness from him
lol @ "sensing" the realness you sound like yoda

Ill Will was NOT nas's brother...

Fat Joe DID NOT buck 50 cuban, in an interview Cuban says he was jumped by some of fat joe's people, Joe denies that he had anything to do with it.

Cuban was brought into TS by PUN, him and Joe were never really close.
Fat Joe and Cuban's beef started from rumors that cuban was boning Fat Joes wife. Cuban denies it, after PUN dies CUba and Joe have no one really keeping them together, and the rumors continue. Joey and Cuba shoot a fair one in a park in the BX. No one knows who won, but Cuba says he won and in retaliation Joey gets his goons to give him a buck fifty. Cuba says joe was hating on the fact he is a pretty n1gga and was cast to star in scarface 2 as tony montana's son. He say joe said "Now you really scarface"

 07-06-2005, 04:37 PM         #134
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Olu Dara slappin Benzino's dad

and trick has admitted in interviews that he did crip and coke.
I think Bun B use to do that also but his body was gettin too tired.

 07-06-2005, 04:38 PM         #135
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 LBoogie2122 said
there was a point were he lived down the block from me, trust me my man,he's been disrespected quite a few times

one day while playin cee-lo on the block shyheim lost & had the nerve to tell the n1gga he aint payin :thefu#k: you kno what happened?

n1gga: "oh word?"

he clapped him dead in his face so hard,shyheim blacked out for a few minutes this n1gga was laid out,mouf wide open, dude st8 put that head to bed

ducktales? i was there,we was young but we laughed SOOOOOOOO hard

one day shyheim was on one of those motorized scooters when they 1st came out, like the razor scooters but wit a lil motor on the back

his girl was on it too holdin him by the waste

all of a sudden outta nowhere some n1gga came up & clotheslined shyheim sendin him AND shorty flyin but what makes it so funny is that his lil scooter was still wobbilin down the block
Takin a few L's dont make you pu$$y. If a n1gga snuff you and knock you out then what the fu#k can you do?

 07-06-2005, 04:51 PM         #136
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Tupac had a relationship with actress salli richardson

 19 years ago '05        #137
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I go to school in new orleans and everyone said C Murder slaped the sh1t out of Juvenile in a disagreement. Real sh1t Yah Heard Me

 07-06-2005, 04:57 PM         #138
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I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a girl who knows a guy who is eminem's cousin and she said that eminem likes to have guys take sh1ts on his chest while he sucks on their cocks

I think thats true?

JK keep more of these facts and sh1t coming its hot sh1t

anyone got more news on DMX, CAM, Jay and sh1t?

 07-06-2005, 05:01 PM         #139
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According to DMX, K-Solo battled him in jail and completely jacked his style of spelling out words in his rhymes.

 07-06-2005, 05:08 PM         #140
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 live4rm3o5 said
-fat joe got knocked the fu#k out @ mansion by sum zoe pound n1ggas joe tried tryin to defend busta and wen n1ggas to snatch his chain they hands got cuttup on the t.s moons on joes chain
same time busta got hit
n1gga pick up a book.

 07-06-2005, 05:31 PM         #141
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Some of these are pretty well known, but w/e...

idn about that killah Priest thing, but I heard that Cappadonna was going to be in the Wu Tang Clan, but he was in jail when 36 Chambers came out...

Did I read that in the Wu Manual...idn i read or heard it somewhere...

oh and the only track Masta killah was on on 36 Chambers was Da Mystery Of Chessboxin

Ced Gee of the Ultramagnetic MCs produced most of Criminal Minded

Jermaine Dupri was going to sign Ludacris to So So Def around the time Incognegro dropped, but Lil' Jon (who was working for So So Def at the time) advised J.D. not to, so he went to Def Jam...

The only guest apperances the Beastie Boys ever had on any of their albums were from Q-Tip and Biz Markie

The Canbius - LL Cool J beef started with Canibus complementing LL on a tattoo, and IIRC saying he was gonna get one like it...LL then dissed Canibus on 4 3 2 1, a track Canibus was featured on :-\

Big Pun was over 600 pounds when he died

Rakim & Dr. Dre were set to release an album together, but it never happened due to "creative differences", and was dropped by Shady Aftermath (yes, THAT GOAT Rakim)....

Cage accused Eminem of biting his flow/style on his track 'Agent Orange', which was released around 1996 (even though the album with it on it was released in 2002), which explains the disses on 'Escape To 88'

Cage (bi polar), Scarface (depression) & Kool Keith (depression) have all spent time in mental institutes...

The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) was the first rapper to recieve a Grammy

The Beastie Boys were the first rap act to reach #1 on the Billboard charts

2Pac had beef with the Fugees, and no, I dont know why...

KRS One has released 14 albums over his career

 19 years ago '05        #142
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{? = curious}

Ali Vegas and Lamar Odom are relatives
Ghostface was shot while out of town
Xzibit is from Detroit, Michigan (n1ggaz was sayin' he was from Jersey)
Starang Wondah (of OGC) was thrown off stage by Biggie & company?
Nas saw his first tec/gun on tour with Xtra P when Jigga pulled it out
DMX was born in Baltimore, Maryland
Clipse were born in the BX
Jungle use to manage such rappers as Nore
Canibus was stole on by Blinky Blink at his album release party
Oschino was shot 9 nine times
Big Noyd served time for attempted murder
Littles did a 4-5 year bid
Mystikal's sister was killed by boyfriend which was a rapper from UNLV
Juelz Santana was in a rap duo called Draft Pick with stickman Malik
Wyclef was bumped by the feds and taken to DC?
Prodigy of Mobb Deep was found in Detroit when he was kidnapped by father?
Ghostface is a vegetarian?
Ol' Dirty was charged with attempted murder when he shot at NYPD

Last edited by icegrill; 07-07-2005 at 03:25 PM..

 19 years ago '05        #143
i am not a MOD 
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jaz-o used to sell incents (sp?) on bushwick ave., i actually bought incence from him, that sh1t smelled good, n1gga had a cart and was wearing a tank top and sandals.

My boy was about to fight geda k, but geda got locked up the same day, forreal tho, in the hold bleek hold some weight, its not really him but ty ty (jays right hand) and h money bags, and bleek is well connected.

Jay went back to marcy after hard knock of life, no security watsoever, went to see his moms, who did not want to move out of the hood. He ran into a former friend and his friend asked him to come to his home studio to record a track, jay did, recorded a verse, the dude asked jay if he need him to walk him to the car (so jay wont get robbed or sumthin) jay said nah im good, longs story short, jay walked to his bently, in the middle of brooklyn, chain swangin, no problem, thats the kind of love jay gets in his hood. " n1ggas said jigga cant go back home/ u know when i heard that, when i was back home!!!"

bleek and camron have been throwing subliminals since cam was designated vp of the roc by dame be4 bleek "dudes in the roc that dont roc wit this, how", "many dudes in the team that in family/ dynasty no, it remains the same, so everytime u throw it up know who changed the game/ the roc army, get low and state property/ caked up in realestate and never played monopoly/"

 19 years ago '05        #144
i am not a MOD 
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Joe Budden was born in queens NY, moved to harlem, lived in harlem til about 15 then moved to jerz when his father was sent to federal prison for conspiracy.

 07-06-2005, 05:46 PM         #145
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The Canbius - LL Cool J beef started with Canibus complementing LL on a tattoo, and IIRC saying he was gonna get one like it...LL then dissed Canibus on 4 3 2 1, a track Canibus was featured on :-\
almost true,They where recording 4,3,2,1 and Canibus said something like ''Lemme borrow the mic'' (from LL's arm),and LL didn't like that,so Canibus had to re-write his verse.

 19 years ago '05        #146
i am not a MOD 
Props total: 57 57  Slaps total: 5 5
joe budden also spent time in a mental institution when he was 15-16 for depression

Jay-z was supposed to be on the third verse of ashantis foolish, irv instead made ashanti write another verse in order to "develop his artist"

jay-z was going to sign 50 cent to rocafella but declined after speaking to his good friend irv gotti, then gotti turned around and tried to sign Nas. Jay said if nas was on murder inc he goes from being the boss of ill will to another ashanti. Nas then refused to sign.

AZ many times, was very close to signing to rocafella

Cormega, was a signature away from reppin the roc.

Joe Budden was on rocafella before dame went, but did not want to have to choose between dame and jay so he just tore up the rocafella contract and stood under his old def jam contract.

State Property, the group, did not know each other from a hole in a wall before SP, dame and jay jus took everyone from philadelphia under rocafella and made a collective, basically the Rocs version of making the band.

Bleek recorded verses and songs wit beans for the b.coming, Dame did not want them on there, but put a two year old jay song which was on the state property two album. Dame also kept bleek off of the young guns first solo, juelz, the diplomats, and most of the paid in full contract, bleek called it "a conspiracy to get bleek off of the roc"

Welcome to NY was supposed to be camrons second single, Cam refused to shoot the video after jay vetoed cams VP position, probably costing cam another million in record sales.

Reasonable Doubt was the only Jay-Z album realesed under Priority/Rocafella, The collective- Jay, Dame and Biggs own the rights. Jay offered dame dash rocafella if he would just give him 100 percent rights to reasonable doubt, dame refuse, as a result def jam bought rocafella, gave jay-z presidency position, gave him the publishing to every other jay-z album (besides RD) and gave him 100% of Rocafella.

The track in which jay disses mase, saying "im rolling wit rocafella, they gettin money man" is d-dot, bad boys #1 producer at the time. No one on bad boy was behind mase on his beef wit jay, thats why he never realeased his diss track.

 19 years ago '05        #147
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Damn this thread is dope as hell...got me hooked on it...

keep the info comin yall

 19 years ago '05        #148
i am not a MOD 
Props total: 57 57  Slaps total: 5 5
Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek were recording an album together called "From My Hood To Your Hood" when Bleeks brother "dre" was in a near fatal accident, bleek dissapeared from rap for a while getting his brother the best medical treatment in the country and keeping his mother away from it so she wont be hurt by her sons pain, sending her on vacations from miami to san tropez.

The Commision- Big, Jay-Z, and Charlie Baltimore was set to hit the streets when big died, RIP

Murder Inc. - A group featuring Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule was supposed to come out when DMX and Ja Rule had a fallout

Triangle Offense- Joe Budden, Fabolous, and Paul Cain, the album would have came out if joe buddens debut album went platinum, but it didnt so the label didnt feel need to further explore the potential of that group.

Styles P. was only dissing rocafella and Jay-Z during the Beans and Jada beef in order to push jadas album kiss the game goodbye, when styels came out of prison he said he wished he could take it all back and do resoviour dogs part 2 wit "my n1ggas at the roc"

Sauce Money won a grammy for writing P.diddys verse on Every Breathe u take the BIG tribute.

Run up on LOON, he will fu#k u up.

Jay was real close to coming to blows wit sean paul at a club, but it didnt come to that as sean paul was afraid. " the gat that i clutch got a lil red light, NEED A LIGHT??"

BIG L was rocafella when he died. RIP.

anybody remember jay-z dissing jayo felon " jayo you not a felon u a misdeamenor"

Last edited by i am not a MOD; 07-06-2005 at 06:35 PM..

 19 years ago '04        #149
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 cpgza14 said
According to DMX, K-Solo battled him in jail and completely jacked his style of spelling out words in his rhymes.
i saw this sh1t somewhere.. i think its was on a beef dvd... didnt k-solo take a lie detector test and it turns out it's dmx who jacked his style.. not the other way around

 19 years ago '04        #150
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good read

say something...

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