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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot 3X PLAT

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 12-24-2006, 03:14 AM         #1351
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-Big Pun hit Jay Z over the head with a bottle in a club.
Now that is Phunny

 12-26-2006, 09:16 AM         #1352
A.R.M.A.N.I V.2 
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 hooligun said
lupe fiasco is bisexual
But Hes Muslim

 12-29-2006, 03:26 AM         #1353
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02/02/2007 (34 days)
Birmingham, UK @ Academy 2

02/03/2007 (35 days)
Oxford, UK @ Zodiac

02/04/2007 (36 days)
Portsmouth, UK @ Wedgewood Rooms

02/06/2007 (38 days)
Leeds, UK @ Cockpit

02/07/2007 (39 days)
Newcastle, UK @ The Global

02/08/2007 (40 days)
Glasgow, UK @ The Cathouse

02/09/2007 (41 days)
Manchester, UK @ Academy 3

02/10/2007 (42 days)
Yeovil, UK @ Ski Lodge

02/12/2007 (44 days)
Islington, UK @ Carling Academy

02/17/2007 (49 days)
Boston, MA @ Avalon Ballroom

02/18/2007 (50 days)
Troy, NY @ Revolution Hall

02/20/2007 (52 days)
Indiana, PA @ Ohio Room

02/21/2007 (53 days)
Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

02/22/2007 (54 days)
New York, NY @ Webster Hall

02/23/2007 (55 days)
Rochester, NY @ Douglas Hall

02/25/2007 (57 days)
Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero

02/26/2007 (58 days)
Norfolk, VA @ Norva Theater

02/27/2007 (59 days)
Jacksonville, FL @ Freebird Live

02/28/2007 (60 days)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room

03/01/2007 (61 days)
Orlando, FL @ Club At Firestone

03/02/2007 (62 days)
Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

03/03/2007 (63 days)
Nashville, TN @ Rocketown

03/04/2007 (64 days)
Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart's

03/06/2007 (66 days)
Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues

03/07/2007 (67 days)
Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection

03/08/2007 (68 days)
Detroit, MI @ St. Andrews Hall

03/09/2007 (69 days)
Toronto, ON @ Opera House

03/10/2007 (70 days)
Montreal, QC @ Le National

03/11/2007 (71 days)
Ottawa, ON @ Babylon

03/13/2007 (73 days)
Columbus, OH @ Newport Music Hall

03/14/2007 (74 days)
Indianapolis, IN @ The Irving Theater

03/15/2007 (75 days)
Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues

03/16/2007 (76 days)
Sauget, IL @ Pop's

03/17/2007 (77 days)
Lawrence, KS @ Granada

03/18/2007 (78 days)
Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue

03/20/2007 (80 days)
Englewood, CO @ Gothic Theater

03/21/2007 (81 days)
Salt Lake City, UT @ Avalon Theater

03/23/2007 (83 days)
Seattle, WA @ El Corazon

03/24/2007 (84 days)
Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater

03/25/2007 (85 days)
Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk

03/26/2007 (86 days)
Hollywood, CA @ House Of Blues

03/27/2007 (87 days)
San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore

03/28/2007 (88 days)
San Diego, CA @ Soma

03/29/2007 (89 days)
Anaheim, CA @ House Of Blues

03/30/2007 (90 days)
Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre

03/31/2007 (91 days)
Tucson, AZ @ Rialto Theatre

04/01/2007 (92 days)
Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater

04/03/2007 (94 days)
Dallas, TX @ Gypsy Ballroom

04/04/2007 (95 days)
San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit

04/05/2007 (96 days)
Houston, TX @ Meridian

04/06/2007 (97 days)
New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues

heres a fact now go to a show...emoji

 18 years ago '06        #1354
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 str8_akademiks said
good sh*t...
gra8 sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 01-07-2007, 04:37 PM         #1355
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good sh*t man

 17 years ago '06        #1356
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 01-26-2007, 08:57 AM         #1357
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 01-26-2007, 04:17 PM         #1358
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 Born Supreme said

Everybody knows how the whole pac thing jumped off...but for those that don't...

some Bloods who were also members of Suge Knight's Death Row staff were shopping in a LA mall when confronted by more crips.....a fight took place and one of the Blood's Death Row pendant was snatched....while in Vegas for that Mike Tyson fight that same Blood recognized Baby Lane as one of the Crips from the incident@ the mall....that's when Pac jumped on and sealed his fate by crossing the line from gangsta rapper to gang member...they jumped said Crip....and he later set up the hit on the Strip


P.Diddy (then Known as Puff[Daddy]) had security concerns when traveling on the west coast obviously...specifically with Suge Knight, Death Row Records, and the Bloods gang....so who better to hire for security purposes than...the Crips? Their blast-on-sight mentality towards the Bloods made their services a must-have for west coast travel...but...the Crips decided to get gangsta on him and try to extort him for more money than he already paid...Puff froze up...and BIG's hit was set up....
read it & weep folx...
But I thought it was a white guy dat killed pac , i thought mtv said it was a a paid hitman (ohh duh paid by the gang members ok nevermind i think i got it)

 01-26-2007, 04:21 PM         #1359
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preciate the info ...im gon use this thread if i want to roast on anybodys favorite rapper

 01-26-2007, 04:35 PM         #1360
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-"I got a story to tell" was vaguelly based on a real life incident Biggie had when he was slipping pipe to John Starks' woman.

Biggie is a fool for this one

 01-26-2007, 06:50 PM         #1361
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Damn my eyes hurt. I don't know how old this thread is but it's a must read. Here's a few I didn't see...

There is a scene in "Belly" where Nas's character schools a young kid in the park and gives him his chain. It's an exact recreation of a verse from Nas's 'One Love' on Illmatic.

Suge Knight had a closet in his office (all red walls btw) where his thugs would drag and beat down anyone on command.

Nate Dogg never went to Death Row Studios or Offices without a gun because he never knew what to expect.

Snoop was discovered when Warren G played a demo at a Dr Dre BBQ (I think while Dre was on house arrest).

It's true Dre never smoked before Snoop introduced "The Chronic". They also got kicked out of multiple studios during it's recording. Most of the key members of that album slept on couches or the floor at Dre's house just hoping to get on.

Keep it goin'.

Last edited by classix4you; 01-26-2007 at 07:16 PM..

 17 years ago '07        #1362
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 BangBang9tray said


 17 years ago '06        #1363
ginobili 20|m 
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excuse me if i say something that was already mentioned, this sh*t is
almost 100 pages now lol.

1.game used to rap and sound a lot like shyne, when he first started,
i was listening to a song on tela's cd and i really thought it was
shyne at first

2.after the geto boys broke up back in the day, 5th ward and south acres
turned into a war zone, they was actually a shoot out when willie d
and face met up. the second time they ran into each other after that,
they made up and recorded the resurection.

3.their was a rapper's boxing tournament that j-prince set up in houston.
willie d knocked out melly mel. tim dog didn't show up, so freedie fox
fought his own fight and tim dog's, cause he didn't want to make it look
like the east coast were soft

4. before destiny's child blew up that big beyonce and one of the other
girls were in the geto boys gangsta put me down video

5.in 1994 chino droped a cd, with some other dude on it, i forget the name
of the group and the other rapper, oh arts of origin.

6. don't know if this one is true or not but allegidly, 50 cent canceled
all his shows in texas after he found out little j wanted to meet up with him.
also z-ro claims he went to a hotel were 50 was at and wanted to fight
him cause 50 was making a mockery of the screwed up music and z-ro
was close to dj screw

7. when pac came out to oakland, him and spice 1 became good friends,
spice says pac didn't have a license so he drove him around all the time

8.yukmoth was kidnapped back in the day, he said something about it
in a magazine.

9. willie d of the geto boys fist cd controversy wich is out of print, sells
as high as 80 beans on ebay

10. devin's song breezy again was taking off of his just tyin ta live cd,
because they thought it might be offensive since it was around the
time of the 911 attack

11.chino xl was shot at while at a light somewhere in jersey, luckily
he wasn't hurt.

12.immortal tech attended penn state, but was kicked out after breaking
some dude's jaw over a racial issue

13.007 of the 5th ward boyz was jailed for robbing a bank

14. ugk was almost not on the big pimpin song, cause pimp c thought
the song was corney, but bun b talked him into it

15. i heard that jay o felony showed up at the making of baby boy and
tried to attack snoop.

16. the role tyreese played in baby boy, was orginally supposed to be
played by pac.

17. i forget the name of the movie, demi moore, chevy chase, and dan
akroyd were in it. anyway pac and digital underground had a small
cameo in it wich they performed same song.

18. allegidly some dude from no limit named fiend had a diss song
to puffy and big, but was scratched after biggies death.

19. j prince has worked with the following boxers, pretty boy floyd,
winky wright, roy jones, dieago corrales.

20. roy jones was in willie d's corner during one of willie d's fights.

21. big pun and his crew used to rob people with big bags of chicken
coming out of kfc, saw this in his dvd.

22.ditc, minus fat joe and big l, cancelled thier performance early at
the electric factory in count of the crowd getting pissed at the geto
dwellers. oc asked the crowd what song they wanted to hear, and
the crowd called him a bi*ch so they left. they were the headline at
the show but they wanted almost an hour after mop performed and
they dindn't get a great reaction from the crowd. my boy threw a vcr
tape at the dj since he was playing crappy music in between sets.

23.dj premire hails from houston and guru from boston

24.chris webber and jalen rose used to ride around detroit jamming
geto boys songs.

25.chris webber has a cameo in spice 1's video kill em all

26. cedric ceballos and dana baros ex nba players had rap video's out

27.cormega was supposed to be in the firm, but nas wasn't having it

28.scarface wasn't a big fan of having big mike in the group cause he
thought their styles were to similar.

29. ras kass and devin performed at some point on the up in smoke tour.

30.ras kass used to live with david banner

31.eminem used to sleep on the outsiders floor

32.bizaire and proof were on a track back in the day with a dude called livio
the song wasn't to bad either

33. bob dole used the geto boys self titeled cd, as one of the reasons
to try to censor rap cd's.

34.kurupt hails from philadelphia

35.the group do or die and bone thugs butted heads over who started
the rapping fast movement.

36.chino xl and scarface are supossed to be in a movie together, not
sure if this actually happend or is in the works.

37.katt williams is on a couple songs on spice 1's compilation cd's.
he also had a diss song to the young gunz

38.scarface who despite performing for almost 20 years now, has yet
to perform out of the country.

39.ron artest and nature used to play ball together in new york

40. freddie fox and noreaga used to have beef, noreaga freestyled
on rap city and said some dumb sh*t like i'll put freddie fox in a box lol.

41.tony yayo and basketball player tim thomas are good friends, yayo
was at villanovas first game this year.

42.capone recorded a song with kobe bryant and kurupt recorded a
song with chris webber.

43. game claims a few years ago that he took carmelo anthony's chain
and said he would give it back if he got an autographed andre miller jersey

44.mop recorded a song with some real corney pop group named ufo or
some sh*t like that

45.too short used to pick up spice 1 from high school back in the day

46.their is some dude called the enforcer who beats the sh*t out of people
in houston who bootleg rap a lot's cd's. their was a video that was
aired on the houston news showing him laying down the law to
a bootleger.

47.c-bo was actually arrested for violating his probation by the words
in his lyrics.

48. donovan mcnabb says he didn't listen to pac because he didn't want
to hear about people getting shot. he said he'd rather listen to jay z

49.rapper the south park mexican was jailed for molesting a little girl

50. saigon appeared on a hand full of episodes on hbo's entourage

51.jay z nearly threw in the towel on rap after dissapointing sales of
reasonable doubt

52.scarface had to pull keith murray off of an def jam intern since he was
trying to choke him out.

53.macho man randy savage had a diss song out about hulk hogan

54.freddie fox is on some songs on wresteler john cena's cd

55.106 and park freestyle champion posta boy batteled threw cancer

56.italian rapper genoves is related to the mafia genoves

 02-01-2007, 07:51 AM         #1364
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not all that is tru, it can't b tru

 17 years ago '05        #1365
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LOOK AT THIS.... B.g. Vs Baby....



 17 years ago '05        #1366
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 02-02-2007, 11:26 PM         #1367
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good ish some stuff i knew some i didnt

 02-03-2007, 11:00 AM         #1368
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Omg I Can't Believe All Of Those Are True I Have To Tell My Mom About This!

 02-09-2007, 09:45 PM         #1369
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i heard all ya people are homosexuals............cept me that is

 02-11-2007, 06:58 PM         #1370
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 Broadway said
Actress Dania Ramirez was Jay-Z's girlfriend for several years before Beyonce. They met on the set of "Streets is Watching" DVD. She is also the voice of the latin girl on "Girls, Girls, Girls." Definitely a great move for her young career.

Just Blaze owns every video game system ever made, he also use to wear glasses. He once told me Big Pun had a shoe box full of gold jewerly(bracelets and chains) just laying in his living room in BX.

Sounds like bullsh*t that chick is only 23 now in 01 when the blue print droped she would have been like 16 0r 17 fu*k is Jay on some R. KELLY sh*t...

 02-11-2007, 08:03 PM         #1371
Hurricane Ra 
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Anyone mention how Cam has aids? "Im Sicker Then your House In Virgina"

 02-13-2007, 09:14 PM         #1372
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this might have been posted but when premo was working on unbelievable he walked in on biggie getting head from 2 girls

 02-15-2007, 08:37 PM         #1373
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Lol @ Busta Rhymes getting in a fight with his baby momma and her pulling hair out his head

 02-17-2007, 11:06 PM         #1374
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good sh*t.

 02-17-2007, 11:24 PM         #1375
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i can't believe most of them... not cause they're outrageous though

believe half of what you see, none of what you hear

say something...

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