Apr 10 - Lil Jon, Chyna Whyte, Lil Scrappy...??rumors??

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 04-10-2005, 10:58 AM         #1
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Apr 10 - Lil Jon, Chyna Whyte, Lil Scrappy...??rumors??

from allhiphop.com....as i understand it Chyna WHyte = Rapper C and Lil Jon = Rapper B and Lil Scrappy = Rapper A.........anyone know if any of this is true????

The A, B, C's of Rumors!

On to the real rumors!

I know that cats are real sensitive about gayness in the rumors (unless its lesbianism), so I have to run this as a blind item. You might get the gist of it, you might not. OK, so a certain Down South rapper (Rapper A) is beefing with another Crunk-Hop artist (Rapper B). This has been a “secret war” for some time, meaning it hasn’t hit the mass media or mixtapes. So, Rapper A doesn’t really like Rapper B, because he’s “real” and “they” aren’t. Furthermore, they are joined by a mutual friend in a business undertaking. Now, Rapper A has been rumored to be trying to get out of his deal, because he didn’t like the way he was pushed on his joined venture.

Here is where it gets good (or worse). Rapper A has a mixtape coming out dissing Rapper B, by using Rapper C (The Female Rapper). Rapper C is an O.G. in the South, but hasn’t done as well since she left her former crew. Rapper C, a female, has a friend who had k*nky s*x with Rapper B and has started to tell stories about their romps in the sack. Now, Rapper C’s girl said that Rapper B enjoys thumbs in his hind parts (that’s Down South lingo for booty). And Rapper B allegedly requested that this female urinate on him, because he enjoys that sort of thing. (I’m trying to keep this clean y’all!) Now, I am not saying this makes him gay, but Rapper C thinks that Rapper B is gay. So, Rapper C’s friend couldn’t take it anymore because he was down to use a dildo on his hind parts. She broke out. Now Rapper C, Rapper A and this girl are going to put Rapper B on BLAST on a mixtape. One of the songs is called “Thumbs Up” and its rapped over Biggie Small’s “What’s Beef” instrumental. Y’all wildin out in “The A.” Now, I know my A, B,C's...next time won't you sing with me!

Fat Joe has stated that he doesn’t plan to reply to 50 Cent, but now that 50 and Yayo have lashed out, what’s he going to do? Think he’s gonna do like Pun once did and sic a sick female emcee on two dudes? Just a question.


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