People at Steve Harvey neck again!

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 2 weeks ago '17        #26
DaQCKing  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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Chris Rock said this year's ago. Called it a "d*ck in a glass case. Break for emergencies".


 2 weeks ago '15        #27
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this what I be tryna explain to my girl

 2 weeks ago '05        #28
tokinjohn  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 2 weeks ago '16        #29
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True facts but crazy I’ve been on the reverse side of this. Girl I grew up with was my homie. One of my best friends, cool as hell. But she was on the bigger side and I wasn’t even close to attracted to her. One night we were drunk and she got handsy. Was too drunk to not go through with it lol. I regretted it and felt dirty. Tough to be friends with the opposite s*x without someone cracking at some point

 2 weeks ago '19        #30
SuperPawgHunter  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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I have female friends. Don't mean I wouldn't fu*k, but that don't mean I don't see them as friends, either.

Most of my female friends aren't air heads. They are really intelligent people, with varied interests.

Most of you n*ggas are shallow, and attract shallow individuals into your lives.

 2 weeks ago '04        #31
killadre  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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No lie told.

 2 weeks ago '10        #32
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 baddie said
Yíall fu*k ya best female friends?

Canít do it

I come out first time I meet a bi*ch and let her know what it is...
Dis n*gga zesty af

 2 weeks ago '20        #33
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A female friend


A bi*ch you wanted to fu*k but she didn't want to fu*k you

End of story

You shouldn't want to fu*k your friends. So there's that

 2 weeks ago '05        #34
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I've had plenty of female friends. Just cause we fu*k don't mean we not friends.

 2 weeks ago '05        #35
Suavebeatz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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bi*ches love attention so much that they know this sh*t to be true but still deny it vehemently.

"All in the game yo"

 2 weeks ago '14        #36
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He not lying tho

 2 weeks ago '18        #37
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I mean


Top 10 most slapped recently  2 weeks ago '17        #38
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 baddie said

Old a*s n*gga man
I don't have friendgirl's either. Never have. Never will.

 2 weeks ago '04        #39
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Uhhh who's at his neck? The only people who would've a problem with this are the people who have "guy friends". I'm gonna say this one time, if your girl has a "work husband" you're getting cheated on. Maybe not today or the next month but she will not be yours long term. I'll give you another tip do not "allow" her to get any new guy friends after you get here. Set boundaries fellas. Correct behavior or you'll get punked on in life.

 2 weeks ago '16        #40
kuul  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x11
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Steve harvey see kevin samuels steppin into his territory and talkin sh*t. This is how it goes down when you big time. Steve was like "oh you gon ask me some fu*k sh*t?" Steve probably bout to drop another book next month.

 2 weeks ago '07        #41
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sh*t is true, only exceptions being the ones that grew up together. n*ggas aint being friends with a chick unless they smashed already and he dont care no more

 2 weeks ago '17        #42
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Disagree. I have a frmale friend who is very attractive, i just never viewed her in a way where i would want to get physical and have that kind of relationship with her.

 2 weeks ago '12        #43
McGirt876  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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Lol Steve ain't lying but fam a double agent... n*gga stay explaining and clarify all the moves for absolutely no reason..

Top 10 most slapped recently  2 weeks ago '20        #44
GingerBreadMan  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x8
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 DavidTheMan said
Disagree. I have a frmale friend who is very attractive, i just never viewed her in a way where i would want to get physical and have that kind of relationship with her.
maybe you gay

 2 weeks ago '19        #45
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Facts. Back door gang, Iím king snake.

 2 weeks ago '15        #46
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 HornOfAfrica said
Facts. The Biological needs will strong arm the plutonic relationship

I agree 100%.. I’ve had female friends before... but if they were hot, I’d always notice and given the chance I would fuk.

I think it’s just natural male hormones. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t control them and be hitting on them any chance I got. But the thought was always under the surface.

Many times we’d end up fukin too...
Nothing wrong with that.

Last edited by DamianDragunov; 04-26-2021 at 06:37 PM..

 2 weeks ago '12        #47
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 ReelCeasar said
He said nothing wrong here lol
Exactly. He just being honest with himself

 2 weeks ago '15        #48
He Hate Me 
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Itís really not that deep.

If you donít find a woman attractive I donít get how being friends is a problem.

 2 weeks ago '16        #49
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fu*k this sellout sucked trumps d*ck day after getting elected at trump tower

 2 weeks ago '15        #50
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All facts. Guys can win Emmys for acting like they don't want the pu**y. The only way I can be strictly friends with a woman and not want to fu*k is if she's hideous with no kind of s*x appeal whatsoever. Even then I don't have much use for her,who the fu*k hangs around women for nothing?

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