After Further Review NLE Choppa & Crew Beat The Brakes Off Guy At Beach *More Video*

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topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot 3X PLAT section hiphop
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 TheIronyIsThat said
NLE got his neck snapped and would have gotten faded if they weren't there.

California, when I grew up, had a 1 on 1 rule, unless there was some real animosity or it was called for.

Reason for that is so that families like mine didn't show up and start beating your a*s in front of my girlfriend. And some other people will take it further.

Jumping people has always been some bi*ch sh*t and have consequences.
that's only in neighborhoods where people are familiar with each other and you got to have somebody that everyone respects saying, no jumping in. if someone we know or at least somewhat familiar with, run up on my brother and want to f*ght. then that's head up and of someone start losing badly, we gonna break it up

a random stranger trying to f*ght, they getting jumped. so they best to keep it pushing

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