(ALLEGEDLY) Drake out here ruining relationships, slept with a mans fiancée

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 1 week ago '09        #326
That Guy Fly 
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Let the bi*ch go or recognize she belongs to everybody

 1 week ago '18        #327
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Drake loves fu*king a lot of these hoes raw too

He probably has contributed a lot to std rates

 1 week ago '04        #328
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thats fu*ked up. . .if dude was dating her for mad long then finally broke down and got the ring then she went and fu*ked drake, that some grimey a*s sh*t. That n*gga is gonna be catching subliminal bars frm drake on the next album and all that

I just hope he dont take her back. . .cause you know when drakes done shes gonna come back with her tail between her legs talking about how it was just a one time thing. . .

 6 days ago '20        #329
Weirdo Savant 
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 Moogie Johnson said
Same thing happened to me and my BM. I had been messing around behind her back towards the end when I knew the relationship was ending, and she eventually left. Hurt for a few days but then I started reconnecting with my homeboys and started dating this bad Jawn from Panama and was posting me living my best life on social media.

2 weeks later my BM is at my doorstep on her hands and knees begging me to take her back cause she finally realized that she was the problem in the relationship. I told her she was demoted to side bi*ch if she wanted to be back in my life and she accepted it. Was literally the best thing to ever happen to me.
I’m surprised you even opened the door. Simply some people will never learn as long as your around.

It is a blessing when they cross certain lines. You don’t owe them even any acknowledgment.

There is nothing better than a bi*ch that treated you bad being in your path again and you simply cross the street and keep pushing forward.

They will literally watch while you keep on trucking and look foolish while that single tear comes down their cheek and onlookers cheer.

The more people that know all the fu*k sh*t she did the bigger the sting on the way out.

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 6 days ago '15        #330
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 isthistobe said
Bootleg sade
Doesn't Drake have Sade tattooed on him? This moves makes sense if he couldn't smash the real thing

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