Timbaland & Magoo - Drop (Feat. Fatman Scoop)

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Really wasnt my sh!t but my shone then was vibin to this type heavy

During this era i felt like timbo was gettin tired of doing dark obscure beat and just wanna have fun reaping the fruits of his labor so i wasnt mad per se but i always prefered darker moody offerings of his with some of the most unique drum patterns

 1 week ago '06        #4
Badnewz100  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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My party days

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Magoo stays getting posted on here, His offspring must be BX members


 1 week ago '04        #6
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This is one of the illest beats ever. If you just listen to the beat and everything happening. That drum pattern with the hi hats hitting and the guitar during the verses, the horns during the chorus...unexpected classic from Tim and Magoo.
Fat Man scoop was the perfect addition to this sh*t. Classic.

Then that switch up with the Time sample. Whoooooo

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Remember this!

 1 week ago '04        #8
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one of my fav hip hop club songs

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