fat burners/Thermogenics


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fat burners/Thermogenics

Wondering if any of my bx brethren have tried any of these thermogenics and if not what have you tried that has worked?

I gained about 20lbs over the kast year from bad eating and also allowing soda back into my life after 3 years of no soda.. the reason im thinking about giving into a fat burner is because im 32 now and i know losing this weight isnt going to be a quick process and i just want to speed the process up a bit. Went to my local dude bro supplement shop today to look around at what they had and spoke to a dude bro myself about some of the stuff there and this is what they had thermogenic wise.

(Biohealth) NA2 -Non stimulant thermogenic

(EPG)-Blue Ice- extremely strong thermogenic he. comapred it as the new "Tren"


(Condemned labs) Arsyn- moderat stimulant thermogenic

I havent taken a thermogenic since 2009 and the last weight drop i had was done naturally in a time span of about 11 months dropped 30lbs by meal prepping and citting out soda and just a lot of foods that i have slowly allowed back into my diet..that was back in 2014 .. i just know its gonna be bit harder this timenaround and i dont necessarily have rhe patience that i had back then

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I’d say get consistent with you diet first and if you don’t see results then try a fat burner. But it’s almost always going to be diet

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Dont go with fat burners bruh unless you absolutely have no other options.

2 of the most effective ways of burning fat.

1. Control blood sugar and insulin spikes with eating low glycemic foods, good fats and making sure your electrolytes are on point. Mostly potassium and sodium.

2. Eating anti inflammatory foods that f*ght and prevent inflammation.

You also need to stay hydrated to keep your liver and gut functioning right.

Cats gotta be careful with these fat burners. They overstimulate the system and can do more harm than good.

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biscuit  137 heat pts137
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I've taken them and they work, really, really well.

But, here's some advice so you don't have to go that route:

1. Drink 2 cups of water before every meal.
Clinical studies show that people who drank 2 cups of water before every meal lost more weight than those who didn't.

2. Drink lots of water in general. I used to think around 8 cups was good for the day until I was talking to a friend of mine who's used to be a personal trainer and bodybuilding competitor. He says he k*lls way more than a gallon a day and he's way smaller than I am height and weight wise. Since I heard that, i started and yes, it helps shed.

3. Drink green tea. Straight. Nothing in it.
Most thermals have green tea extract in them so why not drink it natural and from the source? It doesn't stain your teeth like coffee does and really tastes like flavored water after a while. Google green tea health benefits and you'll see. It's a stimulant as well so it'll get your heart going but gently and naturally.

Good luck.

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Don't put that crap in your body if you can avoid it. Drink water and green tea, minimize your sugar intake to as little as possible, drink mineral water for that carbonated feeling if you like. Try to workout at least 30 mins a day, even its just going for a walk at a park or at the mall, do some type of physical activity to get your heart pumping and get a sweat going.

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Yeah not a fan of someone who been eating sh*tty or being lazy for x amount of time and when they get back in they wanna buy x,y,z supplements

BRO. Cut the soda and get active. Plan a diet. Make small changes. Spend 45 minutes in the gym.

Your body been so useless for so long, just small changes like these can get it going again.

And youll be dropping weight with the quickness and youll be happier that you did it the hard way.

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