Jun 29 - Suge Knight And Crew Attempts To Take Games Chain

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Jun 29 - Suge Knight And Crew Attempts To Take Games Chain


June 29, 2005 -- THE Game, who famously feuded with mentor 50 Cent back in March, is now locked in a hate-fest with thuggish rap mogul Suge Knight. The pair's respective posses rumbled outside marketing maestro Steve Stoute's 35th birthday bash at Cabana in L.A. Sunday night after one of Knight's cronies tried to snatch a bling-encrusted chain off Game's neck. The next night, Knight and Game were disinvited from a party for R&B diva Ciara at Geisha House ó and security was doubled ó after it was rumored the rap rivals would square off again there. Insiders believe it's only a matter of time before the festering feud explodes into violence. Knight, who has aligned himself with the Bloods street gang for years, has long been suspected of involvement in the unsolved murder of Brooklyn rap legend Notorious B.I.G. The slain rapper's family recently filed a federal lawsuit claiming the LAPD turned a blind eye to the 1997 murder because evidence pointed at disgraced cop David Mack, who allegedly worked for Knight's death Row Records.


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