Aug 27 - 50 Cent Speaks on Wayne, Ja Rule, Kanye & More

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Aug 27 - 50 Cent Speaks on Wayne, Ja Rule, Kanye & More


50 Cent was on Shade45 this past Saturday (08.25) and had much to say (what’s new?).

Starting off, the topic of the
 historic event at Screamfest 07 came up. “That’s a moment. You got me, Puffy, Jay … Kanye. Everybody up there. That Forbes: 1, 2 and 3. They (the fans) thought I was gonna do something cause of the way they (Jay, etc) responded to me coming out,” 50 Cent said.
I’m so happy that sh*t popped off. Cause now, New York is really gonna come back on the map. New York is back!

“When did it ever go anywhere? You know what the problem is, cause they don’t wanna say that I’M New York. If you would say New York City is back because that took place. Then that would mean New York City is back because WHO walked on the stage?”

So Lil Wayne’s not coming with a diss record? You scared him or what? What happened? [
 check out 50's diss to Lil Wayne]

“I think he used his head. He smartened up. But I was baiting him anyway. That’s why I made the record feel like a love record … it was lighthearted. It was like a tap. I just wanted to see what he was gonna do. Cause he was acting like he had a record or something like that. My consistency will break his neck … don’t even listen to me, listen to yourself. What was the name of Lil Wayne’s first single of his last album? … with me? People recognize em, they know the records. Because the expectations on me are so much higher than a regular artist. They expect me to make the song that’s gonna be the song of the year regardless. The Amusement Park record was played over 3000 times. That would have been a hit record for a NEW artist. But for ME, they looking at it like ‘nah, he’s supposed to spin 6 or 7 thousand times cause he’s 50 Cent. Come on man. But then when I Get Money comes … bajesus! I was at the plate, I was at the diamond and the first two balls came and they were STRIKES! But the third one came across and I was like I-I-get money. HOMER!”

The main topic is the Kanye West thing…

“You know what, Kanye West … I never really seen Kanye as my competition. It’s marketing. People like to see some type of competition between hip hop artists. But at the end of the day, I don’t even think it’s a choice. I think the guy who likes 50 Cent wants 50 Cent and the guy who likes Kanye West wants that. There’s no comparison … Kanye he ain’t about that. He don’t want no competition. And you’d be a sucker to bring competition to somebody who don’t want it. You don’t go botherin’ those people.”

On Kanye’s dress code?

“He thinks that’s style. That’s style baby. I like Louis Vutton too but I ain’t carrying a purse! That wasn’t Kanye though, that was Pharrell. In that video, remember that? He had that Louis Vutton jump off in the video.”

Ya’ll [Kanye and 50] on the Rolling Stone cover together?

“Yea. We shot the cover right before the Madison Square garden show.” It’s like good/evil cover. “Yea. Why am I so evil? Why am I such a bad guy? Why am I everybody’s favorite bad guy? I’m in my own position. If the labels weren’t fu*kin’ up, I wouldn’t be cursin’ at them. And if the artist were doing what they should be doing instead of minding what I’m doing, I wouldn’t be on their a*s.”

Anything you wanna tell the people about 9/11?

“Just the album itself … We’ll see where the actual hip hop consumers are. If they purchase a record, they will purchse 50 Cent on September 11th. If they won’t we’ll see what’s going on. But watch the decrease. Don’t just watch the actual numbers. Cause Def Jam is gonna be embarrassed if Kanye doesn’t sell any records. 70 percent decrease. You know those mom and pops record stores. When you scan one CD it counts as 3 or 4 scans and they send them a bunch of free stuff. Yea that’s what it is. They don’t ask you to physically go buy the CD.”

Can you let the people know about the situation at the office? [read about the situation]

“I broke the TV. I threw my telephone out the window. It’s because I get frustrated. It’s better I broke the TV over the table than I broke it over someone. Even though I’m in a great position, the music put me in that position, not the set up. Think about Jay-Z’s last album. They spent 15 million dollars. Budweiser, telephone companies, all kinds of companies. You gotta tip your hat off to him, cause he’s a great business man, he was able to execute it. But on this project, you don’t see all those endorsements. You just see ’50 Cent getting ready to sell a record.’”

Alright … now let’s continue with Lil Wayne …

“I’m tapping him. I want him to put his record out. So I can break his neck. People think that I’m jumpin out at this kid. But behind the scenes they start hanging out in circles where they got bad vibes towards me. And it grows past that and it comes out publically. It never stays in the closet. Ja will make a record with him [Wayne], Ja make a record with Game. Does that make him the same as Game. Are him and Game the same? Then that means I should give him the whoopin I gave Game. Game went from selling 5 million to 900 thousand. Trust me, I’m disappointed. I could be making a lot more money off of him.”

Ja Rule’s trying to come back, Loki!

“Loki? Yea he’s really “low-key.” I have plenty of patience for him. I’m gonna be here to ruining the rest of his fu*kin life. He tried to get smart out of his mouth. I wasn’t saying anything to him. He went on air, I think he was on Absolut show, that little c*cksucker. He’s on his show. He on there talkin ‘he ain’t got no hot music, he ain’t putting out no hot music right now.’ So I’m like, look at this bird. He talking like he really at the window. While he’s saying this, I’m got I Get Money playin in the studio. OHHH. Wait until what they are gonna say muthafu*ka!”

As usual HipHopDX has the
 full audio interview available in our audio section!


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