The Batman Sequel Hasn’t Asked Joker Actor Barry Keoghan to Return

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 6 months ago '16        #26
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Good. Cause in the words of Joe Budden his part was a 2 pack of a*s ����*♂️. But I’m bias, I won’t let go of Heath performance so anybody that come behind him is gonna be met with ehhh

 6 months ago '19        #27
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 QdobaCasanova said
Why do people bi*ch about The Batman’s runtime? Endgame was 3 hours and you f*g**ts literally cried at the end of that.
Probably because it was the end chapter of ten years and dozens of movies at the same run time vs a one off that could have used some strategic cuts.

Next time just say 'I don't know sh*t about movies' instead of running your d*ck holster.

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