Relative Of Jeffrey Dahmer Victim Says Netflix's Monster Is 'Retraumatizing' Their Family

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 6 months ago '16        #26
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 Prometheus said
This may be a stretch.. but why donít they just not watch it.
Thatís what Iím trying to figure out. Is it the mention oh his name? Or are they watching it?

 6 months ago '18        #27
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 The jinx said
Litteraly every thing on netflix is left wing bullsh*t . Remember cuties , the obama 20 milion deal ? Its why they are struggling so bad and losing money

The top streaming services have black stories all up and down those platforms. Every February, it gets front page promotion for the entire month.

We have options. Nikkas choose not to exercise them and complain about liberal agendas

But hey, we can buy Boosie's movies to stick it to the radical leftist, right?


 6 months ago '09        #28
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I just finished the series and I gotta be honest it was hard to watch, I barely finished it. There was no romantizing the story at all and I appreciated the back story on some of the victims, which was its only redeeming quality. Iíve watched my share of documentaries on Dahmer but they never layed out in plain text that the entire police department was a piece of sh*t for them treating minorities the way they did. fu*k the Milwaukee Police Dept.

 6 months ago '04        #29
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 Delbert Mengel said
weirdos pushing this weirdo sh*t. we don't need another dahmer film.
This and all the serial k*llers BS Docs

Idk why people watch it.People be worshipping these people.To hell with all of them and the copycats

 6 months ago '16        #30
Proveone  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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 Prometheus said
This may be a stretch.. but why donít they just not watch it.
That was my only thought. Like this ain't 80's where's there's only 4 channels. They'd legit shows that have been running for 3-6 seasons on whatever platform that I don't know exist. You really gotta go out of your way to see sh*t at this point.

 6 months ago '12        #31
TrillSwag  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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 IRONLUNGZ973 said
Thatís what Iím trying to figure out. Is it the mention oh his name? Or are they watching it?
Everywhere you go people are talking about this show. You donít think that affect them? I doubt they watched

 6 months ago '04        #32
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 Prometheus said
This may be a stretch.. but why donít they just not watch it.
This I'm not watching. Not into that sh*t and don't have time for it.

 6 months ago '08        #33
stead21  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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 Eclectic said

"The blood was in the water for Netflix's "Dahmer" well before the series hit the streaming platform on September 21, 2022. The awkward full title aside ("DAHMER Ė Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"), the series should have been Netflix gold: it combined the streamer's knack for dramatic true-crime storytelling with the star power of Evan Peters and Ryan Murphy (Peters played the lead role, Murphy ó who created hits like*"Glee" and "American Crime Story" ó co-created and produced). Certainly, there's been no shortage of content about or inspired by serial-killers in recent years, especially on Netflix.*

So why did "Dahmer" drop with such a quietly squishy plop?

"Dahmer" did not received the traditional Netflix treatment, which is never a good sign. As Stuart Heritage notes in The Guardian, the lack of marketing and manufactured buzz for the series screams of low-faith from the streamer:*

"Dahmer" just arrived. There was no premiere. No media were granted preview access, none of the show's stars were made available for interview. Unless you caught the perfunctory trailer that slid out online five days before the show's release, you would be forgiven for not knowing it existed at all.
The show's ratings*are, so far, mixed, with audiences apparently being more receptive to the show than critics. Heritage describes "Dahmer" as "an almost unwatchably queasy show," noting that rather than focus on the victims or the impact, "Dahmer is undoubtedly fetishised" in the series, which "is unfortunately too infatuated with its star attraction."*But among the show's*biggest critics are the real-life family members of Dahmer's victims, some of whom are actually depicted in the show ó and the experience, far from feeling cathartic, is*forcing them to relive the worst moments of their lives.

'It's cruel'

Following the show's premiere,*Eric Perry, cousin of Jeffrey Dahmer victim Errol Lindsey, took to social media to voice his disgust with Netflix and the creative choices in "Dahmer." In a quote tweet that compares a scene from the Netflix series to the real courtroom footage from Dahmer's trial, Perry condemned the show, arguing "it's retraumatizing over and over again, and for what? How many movies/shows/documentaries do we need?"

Perry further pointed to the lack of sensitivity toward the living, many of whom are depicted in the series ó without their knowledge, let alone consent. As he explains, because the information is all public record, there was no obligation or requirement for Ryan Murphy Productions to contact those involved in the story, so his "family found out when everyone else did."*Using actual trauma for the sake of entertainment can easily cross the line into exploitation; as Perry states in a tweet, "Recreating my cousin having an emotional breakdown in court in the face of the man who tortured and murdered her brother is WILD."

I can only imagine how violated and disgusted I would feel if I was Rita Isbell, seeing an actor dressed like me recreating such an intensely personal, devastating moment. The purpose of these courtroom testimonies is to find justice, not to entertain. It's frankly disappointing that, in 2022, we're still so callously fascinated with figures like Jeffrey Dahmer.

According to IndieWire, the official word from "Dahmer" is that this wasn't the intention:

The show's production team has defended the project, saying that the goal was never to humanize Dahmer but instead to show the perspectives of the victims and explain the ways that race and s*xuality informed the k*llings.

Ryan Murphy's legacy

To be fair ó and blunt ó Murphy has proven his inability to balance good taste and horror thrills over and over again. It's one thing for him to executive produce a true crime series that focuses on well-known and culturally significant court cases, and quite another for him to be given the reins on a project like "Dahmer." Murphy has had fun with real-life serial k*llers before: just look at "American Horror Story" to find countless examples. And no one has walked away from watching that series feeling like the content was handled with nuance and sensitivity. It's a show that's essentially made ostentatious brutality its defining feature.*

Technically, Murphy has even adapted Dahmer's story before in "American Horror Story" (also the show that capitulated Evan Peters into stardom). In "AHS: Hotel," Seth Gabel played Dahmer for the*"Devil's Night"*episode, which featured notorious real-life serial k*llers like John Wayne Gacy and*Richard Ramirez (aka the Night Stalker ó there is also a Netflix series about him).*

I don't want to belabor the point here, but basically: there's a fine line between taking inspiration from a tragic event, and exploiting horrific (and relatively recent) history inappropriately. Despite the claims of wanting to highlight systemic racism or wanting to humanize Dahmer's real-life victims, the "Monster" series spends five hours painting an intimate portrait of its titular subject before shifting focus to those affected by his actions. It's questionable if Murphy already crossed that line with "AHS," but he definitely does with*"DAHMER Ė Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story."

Read More:
Yeah, I agree, somethings don't need a movie made after it. I can respect a documentary, which they have plenty, but this isn't the first time they made a sensationalized movie about this. They are literally so thirsty for content, and it's running out. Once people stop looking at the bullsh*t on the idiot box, change will really start. The revolution will not be televised!

 6 months ago '08        #34
Kewop Decam  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x1
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Then donít watch it

 6 months ago '18        #35
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I agree if it was your family you would say the same the world doesnít need those low frequency films like that one for some itís only feeding their sick minds and for some others itís just a twisted fantasy the brain doesnít need to pick up I donít know thatís just imo fu*k dahmer

 6 months ago '14        #36
El Caballero  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x6
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I have no interest in watching this and don't really think we needed the series

But how are you going to complain about being "retraumatized" when you made the decision to watch it...

There are exceptions though I do think them recreating stuff like what they said in court is fu*ked up

Last edited by El Caballero; 09-25-2022 at 06:37 PM..

 6 months ago '15        #37
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I watched and thought it was great. I thought they did an excellent job with the 10 part movie.

They didn't sensationalize, romanticized or make Jeff to be something that he wasn't. They did a great job at showing the story from different perspectives.

I can definitely understand how the family feels and it's disrespectful to use them, their names and their story without consulting or at least letting them know.

 6 months ago '21        #38
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 antisocial100 said
Gonna take an edible and watch. Is it worth it though?
Absolutely.. Itís really well done.. Evan Peters did his thing

 6 months ago '18        #39
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 Prometheus said
This may be a stretch.. but why donít they just not watch it.
We gotta complain and be offended by something otherwise you're doing the internet wrong.


 6 months ago '17        #40
dubsax  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 EZ Green said
That sh*t is torture pr0n to me. There are way better black stories they couldve told to get a similiar point across
none have the same impact

 6 months ago '13        #41
EZ Green  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 dubsax said
none have the same impact
By design im sure

 6 months ago '17        #42
dubsax  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 lamarowns said
It looks a little too good, I gotta pass because it also looks somewhat accurate
its a tough watch
the 1st 2 episodes are the worst if you an make it past that then you'll be ok.

Its very well done and those 1st 2 are meant to have that effect,
When you see how horrible everything ended and then you step back in time each episode and see how preventable it was and awful the police are it makes their acts just as perverse, maybe even more so

 6 months ago '04        #43
Adwerdz  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x110
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Watch 7 episodes today, sh*t is sickening. episode 6 was fu*ked up.

I really didn’t know anything about this whole case or what really happened. All this sh*t new to me. I try to bypass all this weirdo sh*t

 6 months ago '06        #44
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 Dehone said
Yall ain't trying to figure out if anyone was traumatized by Paid in Full and the following glorification of cats from that era.

Did any of yall care about Pain and Gain and the families traumatized about that?

Yall don't give a fu*k about those brothers. It's just ammo against white people who "glorify" Dahmer while ignoring the glorification of the constant ignorance within our own community.

If it was a one and done k*lling, it would've been all types of "soddom and apocalypse. God punishing the f*gs. Shouldn't have went over there"

Same nikkas whining about Ed Buck when they don't even know ow the names of the brothers who turned up dead at his house. Now yall care about accurate representation of gay black men.
Phony, see through a*s nikkas.

Fake outrage. Nothing to see here.

That's a rather silly comparison

 6 months ago '05        #45
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i feel for them because the reality is the world goes on and gives zero fu*ks because they never knew their pain.

I would be sick if everyone was focused back on that if I was on the very negative side of those horrid events. I Thank God I am not. I send them my remote condolences.

 6 months ago '18        #46
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 jccd5. said
That's a rather silly comparison
Everything seems silly when the ones outraged do the actual thing they complain about within the culture.

Since when did BX care about gay black men or Britney Griner?


 6 months ago '12        #47
OskarDaHippie  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x9
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Feels like a new dahmer project comes out every year tbh.

 6 months ago '06        #48
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 6 months ago '07        #49
Ghost Terp 
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 El Caballero said
I have no interest in watching this and don't really think we needed the series

But how are you going to complain about being "retraumatized" when you made the decision to watch it...

There are exceptions though I do think them recreating stuff like what they said in court is fu*ked up

The victim's family members/friends don't have to watch it to be retraumatized by it. The guy here was responding to a tweet glorifying the performance of something that was the lowest point of his cousin's life. Every year there's a new Dahmer movie, show, or documentary.

You think they don't find out about it through social media, a heads up through a call or a text, or just by scrolling through whatever streaming app they have (especially Netflix)?

I have no clue how people can be entertained watching murder pr0n. What do you get out of watching this or shows and docs like it that glorify serial k*llers or show it for what it is. Either way, I just don't get how that's entertaining.

 6 months ago '04        #50
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 dubsax said
he didnt target black people out of hate, he knew that the systematic racism in policing would allow him to get away with it. The conditions in the community allowed him to blend in. If he lived in a white neighborhood there would have been no way he would have gotten away with the smell of rotting flesh coming out of his apartment for months.
He knew he could hide in the black community. every attempt he made to a*similate in white culture he was kicked out of.

Its really a story about the poor treatment of brown communities by those that own the property or are in charge via the law and law enforcement.

dahmer's crimes were just the vehicle that shines the light on problems we continue to have today
why not just make another documentary about that then?

add it to the other pile of docs about this guy of the injustice of the entire milly and Chicago areas...

like it or not... this glorifies the k*ller and tries to humanity to an inhumane individual.

thats what Hollywood does, it glorifies violence and serial k*llers in your media (dexter/john wick)... it tries to make murder as easy to chew like gum and as hard to digest.

making pop culture icons out of mass murderers and serial k*llers only intrinsically creates the same individuals who will go and commit atrocities....

We then seek to replace every area of authority in our life with hyper violence... from the way we handle things...... to the way we rule over ourselves.... (domestic disputes/police shootings/leaders who incite violence)

The days of Rome indeed.....

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