Lil Kim Addresses Black Friday Sales Controversy

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Lil Kim Addresses Black Friday Sales Controversy


As Def Sounds previously reported, Lil Kim took to twitter and announced that she had sold 113,000 copies of her new mixtape Black Friday in just over 28 hours. Since the tweet there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the statement, as many people question the fact the she actually moved that many copies of the tape.

Now Lil Kim sits down with Rap-Up to discuss the sales controversy. Kim, When asked about the the accuracy of the sales figures, she blames it on the haters:

“At the end of the day, you’re always going to have your haters. We need the haters. There was actually a representative at PayPal who basically didn’t really confirm or deny it, but also [said] that they’re very happy and proud of the success of Lil’ Kim. I think numbers in other areas speak for themselves. I mean, why aren’t they questioning the Black Friday video being at 2.5 [million views] in less than 18 hours? Why aren’t they questioning that? What’s the difference? How can you add up one thing and not the other? I just feel like people pick and choose the area that they want to attack [laughs].”

As the Q&A continued, the Brooklyn rapstress spoke on Nicki Minaj laughing off of her sales figures, she says Nicki is obsolete to to her (Now really Kim?):

I heard about it. I didn’t see it actually for myself, but to be honest with you, homegirl is basically obsolete to me right now. She’s doing a lot of lame stuff. She’s so lame to me right now—she’s always been, but now really. At the end of the day, her sales can be questioned also. Not to say she didn’t have the build-up, but the only thing you kept hearing before her album dropped was nobody liked it, it was wack. Don’t get me wrong, she might have a couple songs that are OK, but who cares. The haters will be haters, that’s their job, and we need them.

 Lil Kim Addresses Black Friday Sales Controversy | Defsounds.com: Breaking Hip Hop News & Hip Hop Songs

This hoe is upset because people called her out on the biggest lie an artist has tried to get away with in a while image


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