Forum Members Want To Sue Sony For 3.56 PS3 Firmware Update

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Forum Members Want To Sue Sony For 3.56 PS3 Firmware Update


Sony’s attempt to combat PS3 hackers with the release of 3.56 turned out to be ugly again, just like the OtherOS removal case last year which angered a lot of users.

A number of members in PlayStation community forum has expressed their disappointment and discontent with the latest update that Sony has brought to their now hackable console as a lot of users who are using a new hard drive for their PS3 had their system broken down. This is an email sent by one of the members to the attorneys:

I am interested in possibly putting together a class action lawsuit against Sony. The situation seems to fit the criteria of class action lawsuit example shown in business law lectures, so I’m hoping you can take a look at the problem and offer a recommendation, or if you find it worth of your talent, participation in this project. This has been affecting people in multiple countries and may be very lucrative. Here’s the situation.

Sony requires mandatory installation of system updates its Playstation 3 game system. These updates add and remove key features from the system, while also patching issues with certain games. If you refuse to download and install these updates, you can’t sign in to your Playstation and/or play games (the system’s primary feature).

Another key feature for the Playstation 3 is the ability to install any laptop hard drive into your system and use it as a storage device. For example, if you buy a Playstation 3 (PS3) with a 40gb hard drive instead of the more expensive 160gb equipped PS3, you can later on get any laptop hard drive and in 3 easy steps replace the 40gb with a much larger one. Not only does Sony support this hard drive upgrade, there are even instructions for this procedure in the Playstation 3 owner’s manual.

Recently hackers have found a way to circumvent the PS3′s software protection, enabling them to create their own software and software updates without Sony knowledge or consent. This could possibly lead to a flood of unauthorized software to make their way into Playstations around the world. To combat this, Sony released update 3.56 on January 27, 2011. This update didn’t add consumer functionality to the system, but instead was advertised as a mandatory “security update”. Unfortunately, if you were one of millions of people that were upgrading your hard drive around this time, the 3.56 update would effectively corrupt your system’s software so that it wouldn’t even start, i.e. a virus. Sony released 3.56 version 2 on February 2, 2011, which if you still have access to the original hard drive that you used before the upgrade, may be a means to get your system working again. However, if you no longer had the previous hard drive because it is no longer working or you had to erase it to use it for storage space, there was nothing you could do.

A call to Playstation support would be fruitless. The tech support and supervisors would spend hours denying that the issues exist, and that it must have been user error that caused the problem. These calls typically end with Sony’s representative offering to fix the damage that their own virus caused for over $100 per system affected. Here is one of many sony forums with nearly 600 posts of users affected throughout the world:

 System Update 3.56 Data Corrupted after Swap HDD - Official PlayStation® Community -PlayStation.com

Playstation 3 owners have spent up to $670 for just the system itself, up to $67 per game disc, and up to $30 dollars per downloadable game (which was stored on the hard drive that Sony corrupted with their virus). We have invested a great deal into Sony’s products, and due to their error/virus, our investment was destroyed callously and without warning. It has been exactly 2 weeks today that Sony has not addressed those affected by their actions and have profited with repair cost and new system sales due to this air of uncertainty. There are hundreds of affected users willing to sign a petition for a class action suit, and we could even setup an online petition on Facebook to reach more. I am currently contacting the appropriate websites to bring more awareness to this issue. Any recommendation or a*sistance would be awesome.

 Re : System Update 3.56 Data Corrupted after Swap ... - Page 58 - Official PlayStation® Community -PlayStation.com


Guess people are finally starting to sick of these PS3 Downgrades they keep receiving.


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