NYC raises red flags city is dead

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 2 days ago '04        #51
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Heard her head game is A1 tho

 2 days ago '13        #52
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yall dudes that keep posting that chick with her baby in every thread so annoying

Saw the corny social media trend on twitter earlier this week.

 2 days ago '11        #53
Tony Franks  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x2
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 LordGimmeASign said
Idk if you're trolling but they mean warning signs when they say red flag.
Knew it wasnt gang related, but i really had a brain fart on them red flags. I couldnt get the idea of "waving the white flag" out my head.

 2 days ago '16        #54
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 AimEar said
bi*ch said plot twist that round lasted 6 hours
Lol.. that’s a gay dude.. with pink hair.. lmaoo

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