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 03-02-2006, 08:20 AM         #1126
The Mighty Joe 
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 DJT said
More rappers of West Indian heritage:

Special Ed (Jamaican)
Noreaga (half Dominican)
Canibus (Jamaican)
DCQ (Trinidadian (Mos Def's Brother))
nore is half puerto rican (his dad is PR)
Special Ed people from the Virgin Islands

 03-03-2006, 03:10 AM         #1127
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Even MORE influential Hip Hoppers of West Indian Descent:

Afrika Bambaataa (both parent West Indian)
Herbie “Love Bug” Azor
Sen Dog (Cypress Hill)
B-Real (Cypress Hill)
Mellow Man Ace (Sen Dog's Brother)
Doug E Fresh (Barbados)
Luke (2 Live Crew)(Jamaican/Bahamian)
Da Beatminerz

ahahaha... compile all the lists of who i've said over the last 3 pages... damn... that's a lot.

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 03-03-2006, 03:23 AM         #1128
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 The Mighty Joe said
nore is half puerto rican (his dad is PR)
Special Ed people from the Virgin Islands
Yeah my bad, I thought half Dominican & half Puerto Rican for some reason... he clearly stated many times he's half Puerto Rican, his Dad was.

As for Special Ed, i read somewhere that he was Jamaican... I know he West Indies, obviously.

some more... lol

Chip-Fu (Fu-schnickens) - Trinidadian

 17 years ago '06        #1129
DominicanLou  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x3
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 DJT said
Yeah my bad, I thought half Dominican & half Puerto Rican for some reason... he clearly stated many times he's half Puerto Rican, his Dad was.

As for Special Ed, i read somewhere that he was Jamaican... I know he West Indies, obviously.

some more... lol

Chip-Fu (Fu-schnickens) - Trinidadian
DMC from Run DMC is of dominican roots. He was featured in the magazine BRIDGEZ talking about it. I can find the link, or you can google it and see the picture yourself.

 17 years ago '05        #1130
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Dr.Dre and Ice Cube were gonna make an album together back in da early 90's called N.W.E. n*ggaz Without Eazy

True Fact

 17 years ago '05        #1131
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i didnt read all the pages but sorry if this already posted

Dangelo - Brown Sugar...

is about weed

"i met her in philly (philly blunt)" "thats why my eyes always shaded//blood-burgandy'

and a whole buncha other sh*t

 03-07-2006, 01:36 PM         #1132
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 bi*chesNBlunts said
i didnt read all the pages but sorry if this already posted

Dangelo - Brown Sugar...

is about weed

"i met her in philly (philly blunt)" "thats why my eyes always shaded//blood-burgandy'

and a whole buncha other sh*t
This is a well-known fact that D'Angelo was talkin about weed...

 17 years ago '05        #1133
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(1)Capone and Noreaga first met at Greenhaven correctional facility when they were younger...Capone was in there for shooting at a cop and weapons possesion and Nore was in there for shooting at someone during a f*ght in a movie theater.Capone who was already down with Tragedy and havoc cause of their bridge affiliations was convinced by trag to form a group with Nore even though they were always hoping for solo careers.Nore was even about to agree to trackmasters executive producing his first joint but they wanted to much doe for it so he passed.........
(2)Nore was also the neptunes first artist to ever have a hit with them....super thug was done against penalty's wishes cause they didn't feel the neptunes matched nore's style but relented when neptunes said if they released the song as a single and it hit they would give nore first priority over other cats looking for neptunes heat
(3)DMX first album deal was in 91 with Columbia records when he dropped the single born loser and it didn't catch fire anywhere........
(4)Irv Gotti started off as Mic Geronimos DJ but was promoted to manager because he was making Mic,ja rule and cash money clic money by producing the music,directing the bootleg classic video's of sh*t's real and get tha fortune and booking shows for them all the while having those chips of x,jay and ja as leverage against def jam when he negotiated with them for distribution...He was going for a renegotiation of his contract by offering Def jam Ja,X and Hov as a group,murder Inc but all the parties involved-Roc-a-Fella and ruff ryders wanted to executive produce the album as well and Irv wouldn't have it cause there'd be too much confusion with too many cooks in the kitchen and def jam wanted a 2 album deal and an option for the group which no one would commit to..........
(5)Omar epps started off as an aspiring rapper before he became an actor.He was part of a group with his cousin and friend called the wolf pack which was being produced by special Ed.He freestyled something for us once in the barbershop cutty's but wasn't happy with the reaction he got and skipped without saying a word.....:rolleyes: .....they were dropped by the label that had picked them up 8 months later.......
(6)Arizona has turned into the new hotspot for MC's and celebrities to live in like DMX,Swizz Beatz,jenna jameson etc but you know who tapped into that market first??The godfather of gangsta rap himself,Kool G Rap....He was there way way before anybody knew of the area because of all the drama he had going on back home in NYC and his problems with superhead first popped off there and rumor has it she shook daddy to return there for fear she'll get it from all the dudes Kool G has aligned himself with but nobody checking for her anyways.....oh and his Old DJ Polo is a big time pr0n executive who started off the hip hop pr0n videos y'all see now with snoop and lil john and he at one time had Ron Jeremy under contract......:wow:
(7)youngest rapper with the most muscle behind him(financially and goon wise)cory gunz whose godfather is shaquille o'neal,label president is tommy mottola and distributor and executive producer of the album will be handled by def jam president jay-z and whose father peter gunz is goon deep in the bronx and up there with lord tarik,fat joe and showbiz as thorough
(8)speaking of showbiz,son is as gangsta as freddie foxx and as real as they come......he's beat not one but two attempted murder charges and his temper is legendary in the bronx...:wow:
(9)I just found this one out today as a matter of fact..Brooklyn MC Maino is related to hommo,the dude who allegedly pumped 9 shots into fiddy,by way of marriage.....that's crazy cause i wonder what these two dudes would do if they were ever in the same room ..........i'm done here.........1

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 03-10-2006, 02:12 AM         #1134
Born Supreme 
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Everybody knows how the whole pac thing jumped off...but for those that don't...

some Bloods who were also members of Suge Knight's death Row staff were shopping in a LA mall when confronted by more crips.....a f*ght took place and one of the Blood's death Row pendant was snatched....while in Vegas for that Mike Tyson f*ght that same Blood recognized Baby Lane as one of the Crips from the incident@ the mall....that's when Pac jumped on and sealed his fate by crossing the line from gangsta rapper to gang member...they jumped said Crip....and he later set up the hit on the Strip


P.Diddy (then Known as Puff[Daddy]) had security concerns when traveling on the west coast obviously...specifically with Suge Knight, death Row Records, and the Bloods gang....so who better to hire for security purposes than...the Crips? Their blast-on-sight mentality towards the Bloods made their services a must-have for west coast travel...but...the Crips decided to get gangsta on him and try to extort him for more money than he already paid...Puff froze up...and BIG's hit was set up....
read it & weep folx...

 03-10-2006, 03:07 AM         #1135
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i rekon that sould tie into to the theories as a major part of it but i reckon suge had a part in both pac and biggies death...

suge probably paid off crips to k*ll pac so it couldn't tie into him, and probably did the same thing for big, set up big so it would get the heat off him if anyone started pointing fingers for pacs death...

 03-10-2006, 10:24 AM         #1136
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im not sure if this has been said yet but i heard like 2 years ago when kanye was on trl (i dont know why i was watching it) but kanye said that the beats he did on the blueprint he originally wanted ghostface to have them but ghost was like on tour or something.

 17 years ago '06        #1137
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 probl3m_child said
lmao @ 700/mo apartment=rich. If that's the case than half my city (ny) ain't real. We payin more than that to live in the HOOD.

 17 years ago '06        #1138
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 NIKEx18 said
^^WORD - u hit it right on the ball - ITS RIDICULOUS
He couldn't said it any better.

 03-19-2006, 12:42 PM         #1139
big boss ballin 
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this is crazy

 03-20-2006, 06:02 PM         #1140
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damn good sh*t.

 17 years ago '05        #1141
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lol @ the n*gga that said living in a 700 dollar apartment ain't hood. dipsh*t

 04-02-2006, 09:31 PM         #1142
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one of the best threads ever

 16 years ago '05        #1143
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 stitch said
-Detroit rap group D12 (except Eminem) jumped local rappers Esham and TNT. It was D12 and allegedly 10+ members of their security which led to them all getting kicked off the Warped Tour.

-Eminem and ICP beef? Supposedly what Eminem said about running ICP out of a bar and shooting at their van with paintballs isn't true. Actually it's widely believed that's bullsh*t. When Eminem was a nobody back in Detroit he was giving out flyers for some lame a*s party and had a section called "Will show up. Maybe." and I.C.P. was on there. ICP didn't like this and told him they wouldn't show. Also Em never held a gun up to ICP. It was ICP's road manager.
ICP was there, eminem pulled a gun on them, they even admitted bein there

 16 years ago '06        #1144
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i thought he pistol whipped one of them

 16 years ago '05        #1145
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na he pistol whipped a bouncer he saw kissin his bi*ch kim, i'm not sure if they were married at the time but he heard she was at a club/bar or sumtin and waited for her to come out and saw her kissin some bouncer, he pistol whipped the dude and started f*ghtin a bunch of bouncers and got jumped,

 16 years ago '05        #1146
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deathrow VS No Limit

deathrow (with Suge still behind bars) released the 2 disc compilation 'The Chronic 2000' which also took shots at Dre and set out to destroy everyone affiliated with Snoop and Dre's crediblity. With songs like 'Easy 2 Be A Soldier When There Ain't No War' (No Limit had repeatedly stated that they were soldiers in the No Limit Army with Master P being the colonel) performed by 2Pac clone - Tha Realest, and other songs such as 'Top Dogg Cindafella' - a complete bite from Snoop's hit of the exact same rhyme pattern, lyrics, and beat performed by Snoop clone - Topp Dogg, deathrow went on to call No Limit biters and fake soldiers (much like Cash Money did) throughout late 98 to early 2000.

As is also deathrow's style, when No Limit started to die down in 2000, deathrow stopped dissing and most of their artists left yet again. Suge, however, stated numerous times he doesnt respect Master P and his music, and also Snoop Dogg for being "a bi*ch". No Limit never responded to deathrow, only calling out haters out with generic songs aimed at nobody in particular. Though not a highly publicized beef, the song "Easy 2 Be A Soldier..." pushed the album to gold and slightly derailed No Limit's crediblity by calling out C-murder for blatantly biting 2Pac and Master P for being a "fake thug"

 04-06-2006, 09:40 PM         #1147
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That is some interesting sh*t for sure.

Thanks for the info.

 04-06-2006, 11:57 PM         #1148
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Trick Daddy get'en jumped my on stage by Trick Trick and his click from Detroit. pus*y hasn't came back here yet. LOL

 04-07-2006, 05:56 PM         #1149
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 bc/o06 said
easy man i do it too
Who talkin bout they got weight up in canada... Drop me a few brick in T-dot! and confirm dat paperwork fool! I stay in da Bricks homey... 416-str-8 DT-ALLDAY!

 04-07-2006, 06:06 PM         #1150
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 LBoogie2122 said
dont try to school me just 'cause you saw that documentary

'cause most of yall never even heard about 50 cent from forte green before it came out

tell me how its false doggie

what does alpo from harlem have to do wit 50 from brooklyn?

back in the early days of hiphop, rappers & drug dealers were much closer than you think
sh*t like irv gotti & supreme mcgriff were common back in the day, money laundering or in other words turning dirty money clean, rap was the hustle back in the day kid!

regardless of what old time rappers say now, they were gettin paid decent money back in the day,its just that they wasent makin millions on albums & tours like it is now, dana dane,kool mo dee,& big daddy kane used to be the trendsetters like jigga or usher is now, krs-one used to have some fly a*s whips, big a*s dookie jewelery wasent cheap back then & sh*ts wasent hollow either
I concur wit dis! KRS-1 was heavy b4 he turned into a conscious elder. Criminal Minded wasnt no joke clown album. BDP Wasnt no joke squad. Just-Ice wuz a Badmon! But now lookin back, I tink even then u had squads dat wuz real and sum dats wuz realer than othas... In the end, all of emms wuz makin cake!

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