Jan 10 - Border sheriffs make drug sweep across Southern Arizona

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Jan 10 - Border sheriffs make drug sweep across Southern Arizona


Border sheriffs are celebrating significant drug busts after serving warrants all over Southern Arizona

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels made the announcement Thursday morning, saying about 150 law enforcement officers made 16 arrests without anybody getting hurt.

“Overall it went very smoothly compared to what we were addressing,” Dannels said.

He was joined at a news conference with Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier and officials from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office. They also got significant help from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

“Criminals do not know if they’re in Pima County or Cochise County or Pinal County or Santa Cruz,” Napier said. “They don’t care, and we shouldn’t either. So we should all work together, and this is a perfect example of great things that can be accomplished when that happens.”

They primarily seized methamphetamine and heroin along with cocaine, fentanyl and marijuana. They also recovered 18 stolen vehicles, 34 guns and almost $368,000 in cash

Debra Fimbres said these types of busts are important. She was first exposed to drugs as a toddler and developed a meth addiction.

“I’m glad they’re doing this,” Fimbres said. “I wish we had more law enforcement to do this.”

She hopes more people are guided to behavioral health. She has been sober 7 years.

“I love my life,” Fimbres said. “The drugs really took a lot of it away, but now I’m making it better.”

visit this link https://kvoa.com/news/loc .. thern-arizona/

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who snitched?




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