So I Got A Trial Of PlayStation Now


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Magic Johnson 
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 Zaosyn said
I bought a year of it for like $60 or something maybe $45 I forget. But I bought a year of it mostly to keep my girl entertained cause there's a few games on there she wanted. I don't really touch it but they do put good games on there for a limited time like 90 days.

PUBG, God Of War, Fall Out 4 just to name a few.

I think it's a good service + you can stream those games to your PC. It really is nice.

One service I do regret buying is a year of EA Access.. thought I would use it but nope. I basically just burned $30 for no reason.
Agreed on EA access. Only reason I even have that is because I'll never buy another EA game again. But Im starting to not like their games so I wont renew EA Access this year.

 1 month ago '18        #52
PurpleRain  OP
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 Skateboard T said
I love PSnow

My guess is OP only plays a handful of titles per year. Or already owns most of the AAA titles available.

Since November Iíve played new Vegas, fallout four, tropico, horizon, shadow of war, rdr 1, Doom, wolfenstein, sh*t so much more I canít even remember off top.
So as of now I play xenoverse 2, siege, bfv, and rdr2. May add 2k20, madden 20, and battlefront 2. I got great internet itís just that ps now didnít have any games that I personally care for. I donít play single player games anymore (got rdr2 and finished it so it never gets played, I hate rdr2 online) and that seems to be all ps now is. Not saying itís a sh*t service itís just not my cup of tea. Also I got no opinion on game pass left Xbox and never looked back.

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