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Signal and Threema want nothing to do with WhatsApp

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icon Signal and Threema want nothing to do with WhatsApp

As part of the wide-reaching Digital Markets Act, many big tech companies have to change the way they work and process data in the EU. One of the targeted businesses is Meta, with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger deemed to be gatekeepers that may prevent smaller competitors from reaching relevant market share. That’s why Meta has to offer interoperability with other messengers in March 2024, but it looks like two promising competitors aren’t interested at all.

Both Signal and Threema can now theoretically ask Meta to open access for basic messaging interoperability between their messengers and WhatsApp. The two companies made clear that they aren’t interested in this, though, as reported by German IT magazine Heise Online.

In a statement to the publication, Signal president Meredith Whittaker says, “Our privacy standards are extremely high and not only will we not lower them, we want to keep raising them. Currently, working with Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, or even a Matrix service would mean a deterioration of our data protection standards.”

A Threema spokesperson offers a similar sentiment: “The main reason is that our security and privacy standards are not compatible with them. We cannot and will not deviate from these standards — they are what Threema is all about.”

Even though adding interoperability with WhatsApp could potentially allow those who want to use Signal and Threema as their primary messenger to talk to a lot more people, both companies make clear that privacy is more important to them and their users than that.

While WhatsApp chats are end-to-end-encrypted using the same Signal Protocol that both Signal and Threema also use, WhatsApp doesn’t offer as advanced privacy protections around metadata. While metadata doesn’t contain messages’ content, it’s still valuable and potentially sensitive as it shows who communicates with who at what time. Since WhatsApp is closed sourced, the companies say they also wouldn’t know what else could happen to their users’ data once it's in the hands of WhatsApp.

There are also limitations to interoperability that may make it less attractive even for messengers interested in offering WhatsApp access. Apps need to sign a contract with WhatsApp and agree to use the same end-to-end encryption standard the service uses. It’s additionally unclear if WhatsApp will open its service to competitors around the world or if it will limit it to the EU, similar to how Apple plans to offer a special iOS version for the EU that meets the new regulations.

So far, Telegram, which is among the top five most used messaging apps in the world and has a bigger user base than Signal and Threema combined, hasn’t published a statement on its plans for WhatsApp interoperability.

 https://www.androidpolice .. h-whatsapp-eu/


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Ppl use those 2 like they do whatsapp? International texting and sending videos? Are there any differences besides what they're stating here? I heard of signal but have zero experience with it. Never heard of the other one

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