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Hip Hop facts and events most ya'll don't know about

topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot 3X PLAT

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 13 years ago '11        #1701
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 PradaG said
I can't remember where I read this, but I heard Diddy had his artists do what he calls "power sessions", making them perform oral s3x on him to prove he has more power than they do. Anyone else have more info on this?
no wonder he signed MGK.... emoji

 13 years ago '04        #1702
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 PradaG said
I can't remember where I read this, but I heard Diddy had his artists do what he calls "power sessions", making them perform oral s3x on him to prove he has more power than they do. Anyone else have more info on this?
So u think the lox was toppin off puff lol, na b

 13 years ago '10        #1703
Shhon  topics gone triple plat - Number 1 spot x4
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 12 years ago '09        #1704
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 LBoogie2122 said
this is mentioned in this weeks episode of bet's american gangster series feat Fat Cat Nichols & Pappy Mason

somebody quoted this earlier with doubts of its authenticity
1001% true.....!

LL was real tight with Supreme Team especially Bimmy and Black Jus, Tommy Montana (seen in Nas last video "Nasty), Corley from 40 and Fat Cat. He used to party with them all at Encore on any given night. He was also cool with Po and Rich Porter (Harlem)...I personally witnesses L crusing in his brand new black BMW 850 (same car seen on the album cover "14 shot's to the dome " and seen in the "pink cookies" video) one weekend in harlem. Back then you could just cruise the street in harlem and it was like going to a club....just riding around checking out the whips and the girls....a while later i saw him again parked on corner of 132nd and lenox kickin it with AZ and crew BY HIMSELF with jewELS on.... L was official!!

He raps about it on "New York Gangsta's" as well....check youtube if your not familiar with the song...

hottest car i ever saw L in was a white custom MB 560 SEC that was made in to a droptop...all white leather interior with AMG kit..

So when you hear Hov kick that verse on "The City Is Mine" about he was the 1st n1gga to push a 850 up to 155th (harlem) in 89"....he's full of sh*t!!!

Queens All Day!!!!

Last edited by bigscore; 02-13-2012 at 10:54 AM..

 02-29-2012, 12:15 AM         #1705
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Big Pun (R.I.P) was a true gangsta, check this video

 12 years ago '10        #1706
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CMR whole image is based of New Jack City and Above the rim..... anybody said this yet?

 03-07-2012, 04:59 PM         #1707
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ovohush aka Young tony ghostwrites for drake (mostly features), thats why he keeps that bum a$s n1gga around him

 03-28-2012, 10:38 AM         #1708
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Ahah we dont hear about any sh*t like this in the game anymore, drake and common beef ended with a hug at the nb allstar game, games gone soft

 04-09-2012, 11:29 AM         #1709
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 LBoogie2122 said
-every member or 3-6 mafia (besides the originals) have all left citing monetary disputes
I can clarify this, I know this is an old a$s post, but I have had some real incite to how 3-6 as Hypnotize Mindz did business before they got the oscar and did the Hustle and Flow soundtrack ; Paul and J are NOTORIOUS for getting people on bad contracts for insane album numbers and years with gigantic buy out clauses. There is a reason why all the original members have left or been forced out - Boo, Black, Coopsta and Lord Infamous.

The reason Crunchy Black isn't in the group was because they basically started making him pay his own way on tour - no per diem, he had to buy his own hotel rooms, buy his own food, etc. He was basically removed from their rider and contracts so they could pocket his money, he was only getting a very small cut of the actual performance and nothing else in the contract rider. They played him hard. He came back around a couple times because, you know, what else is he gonna do? Nobody wanted to hear his indi albums... Basically same sh*t happened to Koopsta but not quite as bad. Paul and J felt neither were pulling their weight and just taking up money, so they got forced out.

Gangsta Boo went solo and went broke real quick, her and La Chatt use to dyke out. Probably still do. She also has a sh*tty royalty split and gets almost nothing for the songs she did with 3-6, Hypnotize Mindz (just J and Paul) takes the lions share of royalties as a "Production Fee"
This is why she has tried in the past to reinvent herself as a christian rapper, in order to get involved with different markets. She has a more favorable deal than rappers who came after her (see Lil Wyte below) - but basically gets nothing from royalties.

Lil Wyte is signed to a 99 album 99 year development contract at something pathetic like 1% royalties. He was living in his grandmothers basement when he put out his first album, and got pretty much nothing from it. He tried to leave, but they had him in such a fu*ked up contract that any major that would want to buy him out would have to pay Hyp Mindz so much money it would be un-recoupable. He quit doing rap, but when they got their reality show the people at MTV said "what about that white kid? Can you get him in here?" and he decided to sign up... because he wasn't doing sh*t. He gets royalty checks for literally pocket change. He started up Wyte Ent because he can still use his name, and as long as he doesn't rap, the money he gets is not considered proceeds of his horrible development deal.

Lord Infamous, there are several stories I have heard, one (from Paul his brother and J) being he was on the run for federal drug trafficking - now "personal issues", but the other being that he was actually a federal informant for high level narco trafficking for years and years, a very valuable CI that the feds used for a long time in many cases involving cartel cocaine from Mexico through TX, up to Memphis, as the gateway to 40 West, the longest interstate in America. It has been kept under wraps, but I would be inclined to believe that he was an informant, because he still puts singles out here and there, while if he were really on the run Paul and J would be busted just for associating him (as they claim). Word is they keep the tale that he is on the run going so they are not associated with snitching. He is hardly ever seen in public because he most likely has a cartel hit on his head, never goes on tour, and just puts out a single here and there. He has "black rain ent" which is a low budget featuring of other artists.

Above cartel snitchery is part of why Yo Gotti has beef with 3-6, Yo Gotti spent his first advance on his legal defense after being dumb enough to take pictures of real keys his crew were getting with centavo stamps on them, and putting them on his mixtape. Feds traced the centavo stamps to his album cover, but since they never actually had any real work or anyone willing to flip, he got a good lawyer and beat the case. Yo Gotti really did get work from Mexican cartels before his deal, this is a known fact in TN, and his sources have been possibly/probably set up by Lord Infamous in the past. This has a lot to do with why neither of them want to directly address their issues in public, with Gotti saying quotes like "I don't know them, and they don't know me" - it is entirely possible that Lord Infamous has a cartel hit on his head, and Gotti (now squeaky clean since his trial) wants nothing to do with what will inevitably happen if they catch up to Lord Infamous, especially if he has a public feud calling them out for snitching. The media would love to make it about a rapper on rapper beef if Infamous winds up dead, and Gotti knows this.

I use to work for local ent media and cover them, thats all I can say about how I know about their dealings

 04-23-2012, 04:35 PM         #1710
J Rhymes 
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Litefoot, Native American rapper, was booed off stage, and also Ludacris left him hangin when they passed each other on stage,

Litefoot also flipped out on me and my friends when we went to his "Reach The Rez" show. We were blazing in the crowd and he yelled at us, made one of us sit at the back of the stage on a fold out chair (the metal ones), till his show was done.

I bought one his CDs at the show and my brother got a picture of him signed, the album was ehhhhh

 04-24-2012, 04:00 PM         #1711
J Rhymes 
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I also got a little dirt on Rob Dyrdeck, A.K.A Bobby light from fantasy factory, reply if you wanna know what up.....:)

 05-08-2012, 09:18 PM         #1712
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wow.... good stuff to know.

 05-12-2012, 01:37 PM         #1713
Amber Barrier 
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Who would ever want to hit Q-Tip?
he seems so cool

 12 years ago '07        #1714
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 J Rhymes said
I also got a little dirt on Rob Dyrdeck, A.K.A Bobby light from fantasy factory, reply if you wanna know what up.....:)
what kinda dirt bobby light gettin into

 05-27-2012, 11:50 PM         #1715
J Rhymes 
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Rob Dyrdeck Does The Nose Candy, I know someone who slangs, and he was at a party around my area, And he Sent someone In over at THE SPOT with 5gs so we hooked him up

 05-28-2012, 12:34 AM         #1716
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a white guy in LA who does cocaine? Shocker...


 12 years ago '05        #1717
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 KrugeR said
a white guy in LA who does cocaine? Shocker...


 12 years ago '12        #1718
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Juicy Js cousin wrote slob on my knob at northside high and lord infamous has a recorded video of him getting beat up

 12 years ago '12        #1719
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Idk if im bringing anything new to the table but heres some facts/rumors i dont think were posted:

- 2pac clone the realest (and somebody else i think) leaked all pacs unreleased songs from the death row vaults starting the og makaveli bootlegs

- there is a version of 'victory' with biggie rapping all the verses he wrote for puffy

- the last songs biggie recorded were 'victory' and his verse on the 'all about the benjamins' remix (slight proof: mentions the movie donnie brasco which dropped late feb 97 which he reportedly had seen right before his death)

- pac had a song out dissing orlando anderson (almost definitely false but i heard it)

- pac recorded the track 'representin for ron g (aka the heat)' the night he was shot in '94 with stretch, later keith murray and waterbed kev added their verses

- biggies next album was going to be called 'born again' even if he lived and it would be a 3 disc album

- the whole roc a fella vs d block beef started cuz jadakiss was supposed to be on the fiesta remix and a mya song but jay z got on both songs instead and was throwing sublims

- rick ross and t.i. had beef around 05/06. ross calls him out in a interview that can be seen on youtube and the song 'im talkin to you' is about rozay

- the original 'front back' by t.i. only had bun b on it (released on a mixtape as such), when pimp c got out of jail it was the first track he hopped on

- young jeezy's 'i got money' from tm102 was supposed to feature kanye west

- the original tm 101 that leaked was very different from the retail. had the tracks 'lets get it' 'motivation' 'make em understand' 'go crazy' (without jay z) different intros and mixdowns

- the ugk song 'aint that a bi*ch' is about the illuminati

- ether had another verse that got scrapped cuz it mentioned the jay z/big pun incident

- nas got a lot of the info in ether from jaz o

- 'is that yo bi*ch?' by jay z is supposedly about nas and his baby moms

- in a radio interview right after stillmatic dropped in '01 nas is talkin sh*t about hot 97/jay and mentions a song they only played once after takeover but before supa ugly where jigga calls himself 'euro jay' its the song 'dont you know'

- the recording period of pacs 'me against the world' is disputed. some say it was leftover tracks recorded during 'thug life vol 1' (93-mid 94), others say it wasnt recorded until after pac got shot (late 94-early 95) and thats the reason its so dark and/or cuz of how 'ready to die' sounded.

- jay z recorded a song called 'people talking' in 2001 from the unplugged album, and a ali vegas song has the same beat

ill try to think of more later

 07-14-2012, 03:40 PM         #1720
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 ddoucette214 said

- the last songs biggie recorded were 'victory' and his verse on the 'all about the benjamins' remix (slight proof: mentions the movie donnie brasco which dropped late feb 97 which he reportedly had seen right before his death)
that's crazy bc the "all about the benjamins" verse could easily be the best verse of all-time imho.

 07-14-2012, 03:50 PM         #1721
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 DoobieSnax213 said
AZ (most underrated of all time) was and is the only rapper to ever get a deal off one verse (Life's a bi*ch) no demo, no nothing..true story
well I heard the same thing about mase. heard he spit the verse from the only you rmx to puff backstage at some concert in atl and was offered a deal on the spot.

 07-14-2012, 04:54 PM         #1722
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 boskee84 said
 T. Okes said
Hmmm I dunno about this one...

this is a crazy thread to read back through...

 12 years ago '12        #1723
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- t.i. and Wayne had beef back in like '06 rumor has it the song 'why u wanna' was directed towards Wayne and Trina (Wayne girl at the time)

- biggie sang the hooks on early versions of 'hypnotize' and 'my downfall'

- 2pac wanted to get outkast on one nation

- scarface gave pac ugk's ridin dirty to listen to shortly before he died and he was a fan of it

- ugk made a screw tape back in '96 called 'chapter 182: ridin dirty' flowing over some now classics beats such as biggies 'juicy' lady of rage 'Afro puffs' and even the 'fu*k my car' beat before it came out

- there's a 'Afro puffs' remix from '94 with snoop on it

- a leaked shawty redd produced 'go Getta' remix is out there

- biggie busta rhymes and nas were going to make a track produced by j dilla in 1996 that ended up being 'dangerous mcs' but biggie thew shots at pac on it and busta didn't wanna get caught up in the beef so it got scrapped

- there's an old Dmx song called 'u remind me' dissing Mary j blige

- Ice cubes first solo album was supposed to drop in 1989 under ruthless records, ameriKK-as most wanted was classic and one of my favorite albums but a cube solo album with dre/yella production and more nwa collabs would've been fire

- an unused johnny j beat meant for 2pac just leaked about a month ago

 12 years ago '12        #1724
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- there is an original version of cam'rons 'what means the world to you' that is more explicit.

- the blueprint by jay z was recorded in only a couple of days

- biggie wrote the whole junior mafia conspiracy album

- the biggie and lil kim interlude on ready to die was indeed staged (confirmed by easy mo bee i think)

- nashiem myrick, producer of a lot of bad boy songs back in the day, said 'who shot ya?' was the first beat he ever produced and was a dj prior to that

- bone thugs n harmony's 'foe tha love of money' sampled the 1991 song 'for the love of money' by another ruthless records rap group yomo & maulkie. a different version of the beat can also be heard at the end of the nwa skit 'dont drink that wine'

- the lox recorded a song over the 'deja vu (uptown baby)' beat before peter gunz & lord tariq got it

- the mase song 'im no killa' is a jay z diss and was cut from the album double up

Last edited by ddoucette214; 07-16-2012 at 12:39 AM..

 12 years ago '11        #1725
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"the lox recorded a song over the 'deja vu (uptown baby)' beat before peter gunz & lord tariq got it"

I have this song, never woulda thought

say something...

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